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 Yitschaq YAHWEH's Chosen One

Then Abraham breathed his last, dying at a ripe old age, an old man who had lived his full span of years; and he was gathered to his people. After Abraham's death YAHWEH blessed his son Yitschaq

Yitschaq: the New Chieftain of the Hebrew Clan

After Abraham's death YAHWEH blessed his son Yitschaq

The Land Of Canaan

The Land Of Canaan is quite a small country amounting to a little less than 10,000 square miles, only if the territory east of the Jordan is included.

A Legal Question: Was Ishmael Abraham's Heir?

Sarah gave Abraham her Egyptian slave Hagar who gave birth 'on Sarah's lap' to Ishmael

A Spiritual Question: Yitschaq As Abraham's Sole Heir

YAHWEH revealed HIS plans to Abraham: 'It is through Yitschaq that your name shall be carried on.'

Ishmael And Mohammed

War was declared between the sons of Yitschaq and those of Ishmael

Who Was Yitschaq?

Crushed' Between His Father Abraham And His Son Yacob

Yitschaq's Twofold Character: The Man And His Mission

Yitschaq had carried on the torch transmitted to him by his father; he was to pass it on, intact, to his descendants.

Yitschaq's Life

The Messages Delivered To Yitschaq By YAHWEH

Yitschaq's Journeys With His Flocks

Map and details from Hebron to Beersheba

Yitschaq; The Story-Teller's Difficulty

Story of Yitschaq and Rebekah and altercations between Yitschaq's shepherds and those of Abimelech


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