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King David And The Foundation  Of Yerusalem

Introduction To King David And The Foundation  Of Yerusalem

The Yisraelites in the Promised Land allowed themselves gradually to be seduced by the orgiastic and idolatrous practices of the Canaanites.

Graph and Map of the Twelve Tribes of Yisrael

Graph of the Spiritual Ascent and Map at the Times of the Judges

The Four Stages Of Yisrael's Progress

Shophtim, Schmuel, Saul and David: four chapters in which we can witness the great rise of Yahwism as a social and spiritual force.

The Period Of The Judges

The 'Judge' in the Scriptures was he who makes the Torah (of Yahweh) triumph and a 'judge-saviour' chosen by YAHWEH to effect a 'deliverance'.

The Twelve Judges

Deborah First Judge: The Greatest Leader In The Book Of Judges; the brilliant personality, 'the bee', prophetess and liberator.

 Gideon, Second Judge In Yisrael

History surrounding the story of Gideon the astute peasant, Judge over Yisrael

 Jephthah, Third Judge In Yisrael

Jephthah appears as an uncouth, naive figure, almost unacquainted with the true traditions of the Law, but a believer in YAHWEH.

Samson The Giant And Popular Hero, Fourth Judge In Yisrael

A very strongly marked personality, Samson, the popular hero of independence, the brave giant endowed with extraordinary strength.

Towards A King: Eli and Samuel

Samuel a prophet who attempted to solve the national and religious problem: he realized that Yisrael could only be saved by uniting the Twelve Tribes under a single head.

 Samuel: The Nazir Of Shiloh, Becomes Fifth Judge In Yisrael

He stands out pre-eminently as a prophet, a man of YAHWEH, whose purpose was to give Yisrael back its soul by directing its leaders to return to the path of authentic and integral Yahwism.

 Saul: The First King Of Yisrael

A real king, worthy of the name, uniting practically all Yisrael under his rule, appeared in the annals of the Chosen People, named Saul.

 Saul's Kingship Is Confirmed: Samuel Retires As Judge

Shemuel had no hesitation in speaking out loudly and clearly to the king in the name of Yahweh, which was a foreshadowing of the activity of the later prophets.

 Saul A Brilliant Series Of Military Successes

Sha'ul shaped his troops into those hardened in warfare, well equipped and in good order.

 Samuel Retires As Judge

The Second Dispute Between Saul And Samuel

 Saul And David

Saul was beginning to experience the first attacks of madness which marked the end of his reign, as David a young shepherd was tending the family flock.

The Shepherd David Makes A Dramatic Entry Into Saul's Capital

With his natural grace and that charm that never left him throughout his long life, David killed Goliath and won the respect of Saul.

 David Becomes A Popular Hero

David quickly secured an important position in the somewhat primitive court of Gibeah, and this position became steadily stronger.

 In Parenthesis: David And The Psalms

The word 'psalm' is directly derived from the Greek psalterion, a stringed instrument used for accompanying the singing of a poem like David's.

Saul's Strange Way Of Opening Hostilities

For the Kohen's actions toward David Saul opens the hostilities to all out war.

David Fleeing Saul For His Life

David a cunning diplomat, able to come to terms with the hereditary enemy, the Philistines, and yet maintain the admiring sympathy of the Yisraelites.

Battle Approaches, And The Death Of Saul

Saul sought YAHWEH to no avail and then killed himself in battle after defeat.

King David's Reign

Kind David's reaction to the news of Saul's death shows his reverence for the king.

David Decides To Return To The Land Of Yahweh

After mourning Saul, David felt that it was time to take possession of his inheritance without delay.

Fratricidal Wars Between The Two Kingdoms

For seven years (1010-1003), from the battle of Gilboa onwards, the two kingdoms were to be in bitter opposition, always at each other's throats and killing each other.

 Death Of Ishbaal

Ishbaal, son of Saul, the legitimate king of Yisrael was murdered by his own men, which they thought would please David.

David, King Of Judah And Of Yisrael

In the tabernacle at Hebron, in the presence of Yahweh David received the anointing with sacred oil which made him king of Yisrael and of Judah.

David Puts An End To The Philistine Danger

By his methodical application of a bold plan David swiftly succeeded in eliminating the Philistine peril which had been a source of anxiety for two centuries.

Yerusalem, Jebus, City Of David, Zion, Ophel

A look at the names given by the ancient chroniclers and also the modern historians.

David Lays Siege To Yerusalem

To associate the Hebrews as a whole in his victory David took care to besiege Yerusalem 'with all Yisrael', with the warriors of all the tribes.

Capture Of Yerusalem And Occupation Of The City

David settled in Yerusalem and proclaimed it the capital of his twofold kingdom which had so recently been reunited.

David Transfers The Ark Of The Covenant To Yerusalem

The Ark had finally taken its place in the imposing setting formed by Yerusalem and became the religious centre of the Chosen People.

David And The Beginning Of Royal Messianism

David was to bequeath to Solomon gold and silver for the treasury and detailed plans of the tabernacle in which the Ark of the Covenant was to rest.

Messianism or Messianic Age

YAHWEH's plan had appeared in its clarity, YAHWEH would finally establish HIS own kingdom on this earth.

David And His Soldiers

David's royal Messianism was his dynamic and constructive genius as a military character, whereby Yisrael-Judah attained greater dimensions than ever.

David's Sin

David, the devout king, who ruled as YAHWEH's anointed, and upheld the Law of Moses, committed adultery and murder.

David's Administrative Services

David was almost continuously detained in his capital by the administrative needs; military, family and budget, of the new kingdom of Yisrael-Judah.

David And Justice

David was known among the people as a just judge, of great humanity, who favoured the weak and needy.

The Old King David

Absalom, David's Second Son, Openly Rebels Against His Father

The Struggle For The Succession

Upon David's death who would wear the crown but the eldest son Adonijah, so he decided to act to secure his position, yet failed.

Defeat Of Adonijah's Party

Adonijah was defeated and David died happy to see one of his descendants Solomon sitting on the throne.


David had created a kingdom where men could live by the Torah and serve YAHWEH with single-minded devotion.

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