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 The First Book Of Mosheh


1 The Sons Of Noah, Of Japheth, Of Ham 

2 YAHWEH Blessed the First Sabbath and Rested 

3 The Serpent Deceives Eve 

4 The Birth, Employment, And Sacrifices Of Cain And Abel 

5 The Generations Of Adam And Seth 

6 The Wickedness Of The World Which Provoked YAHWEH's Wrath 

7 Noah, And His Family And The Living Creatures, Enter The Ark, And The Flood Begins 

8 YAHWEH Remembers Noah, And Dries Up The Waters  

9 YAHWEH Blesses Noah, And Grants Flesh For Food 

10 The Sons Of Noah, Of Japheth, Of Ham 

11 One Language In The World, The Building Of Babel 

12 YAHWEH Calls Abram, And Blesses Him With A Promise Of The MessiYah 

13 Abram Returns Out Of Egypt With Great Riches 

14 The Battle Of The Kings, Lot Is Taken Prisoner 

15 Abram Restores The Spoil 

16 Sarai Gives Hagar To Abram 

17 YAHWEH Renews The Covenant With Abram 

18 YAHWEH Appears To Abraham 

19 The Destruction Of Sodom, And The Deliverance Of Lot 

20 Abraham's sojourn at Gerar, Sarah is taken by Abimelech 

21 Birth Of Yitschaq, Sarah's Joy 

22 YAHWEH Commands Abraham To Offer Up Yitschaq 

23 The Death Of Sarah, Abraham Applies For A Burying-Place 

24 Abraham's Care For Yitschaq's Marriage 

25 Abraham's Family By Keturah, His Death And Burial 

26 Yitschaq, Because Of Famine, Goes To Gerar 

27 Yitschaq Sends Esau For Venison 

28 Yitschaq Sends Yacob To Padan-Aram 

29 Yacob Comes To The Well Of Haran 

30 A Further Account Of Yacob's Family 

31 Yacob Departs Secretly 

32 Yacob's Vision At Mahanaim, His Fear Of Esau 

33 The Friendly Meeting Of Yacob And Esau 

34 Dinah Defiled By Shechem 

35 YAHWEH Commands Yacob To Go To Beth-El, He Puts Away Idols From His Family 

36 Esau?s Three Wives 

37 Yoseph Is Loved Of Yacob, But Hated By His Brethren 

38 Yahudah Begets Er, Onan, And Shelah of Shuah 

39 Yoseph Preferred By Potiphar 

40 The Chief Butler And Baker Of Pharaoh In Prison, Their Dreams Interpreted By Yoseph 

41 Pharaoh's Dreams 

42 Yacob Sends Ten Sons To Buy Corn 

43 Yacob Is Persuaded To Send Benjamin Into Egypt 

44 Yoseph's Policy To Stay His Brethren, And Try Their Affection For Benjamin 

45 Yoseph Comforts His Brethren, And Sends For His Father 

46 YAHWEH Promises To Yacob 

47 Yoseph Presents His Brethren To Pharaoh 

48 Yoseph Visits His Dying Father 

49 Yacob Calls His Sons To Bless Them 

50 TheDeath And Mourning For Yacob 

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