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YAHWEH's Word;
Identifying Unclean Spirits

They were vexed with unclean spirits:
and they were healed. 

The Power And The Ruling Spirits Of The Gentile Kingdom 

Walk not as Gentiles in vanity, with your understanding darkened, alienated from YAHSHUA by ignorance, because of blindness of your heart.

Stiffnecked And Uncircumcised Hearts Always Resist YAHWEH  

Stiffnecked and uncircumcised are two profound spirits that are not going to dwell in the tabernacle of YAHWEH.

The Offences Comes When The Heart Is Easily Offended  

Scripture gives us a complete assurance as to how we can walk without being offended and the reason why we are so easily offended.

YAHWEH Reveals The Her Of  The Mother Of All Abomination  

We must find out what are the unclean things that this jezebel produces.

The Seven Unclean Spirits  

YAHWEH literally hates them and they are so filthy and vile before HIS eyes that HE calls them an abomination.

Turn You At MY Reproof  As The Law Of YAHWEH Judges Us

Only With This Can You Walk In The Perfect Law Of YAHWEH.

YAHWEH Commands Cleanse Yourselves Of The Accursed Thing

One that will not obey or rejects the Commandments of YAHWEH, turn him over to hell.

Impenitent Heart Rejects YAHWEH's Law, They Cannot Repent

An impenitent heart is one that cannot repent and does the same things over and over. 

This Generation Is Bringing About YAHWEH's Curse Upon Them

Until We Do This, We Will Not Sense YAHWEH's Power, Healing Or Anointing. 

YAHWEH Tells Us To Be Not Weary Of Heart

Consider MESSIYAH And The Things That HE Endured.

YAHWEH Warns: Judgment On The Spirit Of Idolatry & Whoredom

We have opened our heart to an adulteress and whorish spirit and it produces a spirit of sorcery.

YAHWEH Warns: Sow Washed And Returned To Wallowing In Mire

After MY departing shall grievous wolves enter in among you, not sparing the flock.

Yeshua Is Far From The Wicked: They Seek Not YAHWEH's Law

When a man comes to the knowledge of YAHWEH and then rejects it he will die in his sins.

Apostasy Denies The True Doctrines Of YAHWEH's Word

It is apostasy or that they have become apostate in the faith, the doctrines and the bylaws whereby they deny the true doctrines of YAHWEH.

The Weapons Of YAHWEH's Warfare Are Spiritual, Not Carnal

Our battling in the carnal does not destroy the flesh, it destroys our spiritual man.

Beware: Forgetting YAHWEH, Causes A Famished and Lean Spirit

The reason that we are lean in our soul is because we soon forget YAHWEH's loving kindness and unmerited favor that HE has shown unto us.

YAHWEH Is The Lamp That Lightens The Spirit Of Darkness

When a man is devoid of the light of YAHWEH, there is a darkness that consumes him. 

YAHWEH Gives Examples Of; Waxed Fat And Froward Mouth

YAHWEH warns the people that when they have eaten and filled themselves they will begin to wax fat.

YAHWEH Puts A Stumbling Block In Your Heart To Be Offended

When we are offended it shows the shallowness of our heart and YAHWEH must put the deep cutting plow into it.

Froward Spirit Of Jezebel Will Cause You To Forsake YAHWEH

The spirit of Jezebel will speak without any control and even when she can see the workings of YAHWEH she does not fear that.

Most Abominable Evil; Denial & Forgetting YAHWEH's Laws

When a man forgets the Law of YAHWEH he opens up his heart, his house and his nation to every abominable thing that there is.

YAHWEH Can Cast Out The Spirit Of Blindness In The Land

When a man breaches the power of YAHWEH's Spirit HIS anointing is withdrawn from a man as with Samson, the first thing that happened; he went blind.

Spirit Of YAHWEH's Anointing Causes You To Beware of Dogs 

Beware means to observe, give heed, to guard, to protect yourself and keep watch to know what kind of spirit that you are dealing with.

YAHWEH Said; Wickedness Of Heart Comes Spirit Of Complaining

The reason that so many are bitter and complain is because this is a selfish generation. 

YAHWEH's Word Tells Us Why We Have A Seared Conscience

There is only one thing that makes the conscience alive and that is the living Word of YAHWEH.

YAHWEH Hates All Workers Of Iniquity  

When a man begins to work a work that is not based upon the principles of YAHWEH's Truth that man is a worker of iniquity. 

YAHWEH's Word Sown On Stony Ground  

Yahweh will take the stony heart out of their flesh, and will give them an heart of flesh

The Mystery Of Iniquity (Lawless Spirit)

Do we understand how the mysteries of iniquity are working today?

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