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The Power Of Truth, It Make You Free
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The Destruction of the Kingdom by YAHWEH

Section 1

The Purpose of this Book

All historical accounts are selective, yet this purpose is to point out main events that influence writings in Scripture.

Section 2

Yisrael and Yahudah at Variance (931-926)

A critical moment for YAHWEH's Chosen People

Schisms Political and Spiritual

Schisms created between Yisrael and Yahudah over the offense of Rehoboam will prove to be the beginning of the downfall of the People of YAHWEH.

Section 3

First Serious Blow: the Egyptian Invasion

YAHWEH spared HIS people from devastation by Egypt and yet they returned to fighting among themselves, committing political suicide.

Section 4

The Assyrian Invasion and the Destruction of the Ten Tribes of Yisrael (885-721)

The economic policy of the kingdom of Yisrael, which reached a level of luxury and refinement hitherto unknown, began their downfall.

Spiritual Policy: The Emergence Of Prophetism; EliYah

'Shock troops', who hurled themselves into battle, are called by the Scripture 'the prophets'

 The Emergence Of Prophetism, Elisha and Amos

Elisha; chosen successor of EliYah and Amos with language rich in powerful and vivid images.

The Emergence Of Prophetism, Hosea and the Assyrians

Prophet Hosea, the love of YAHWEH symbolized, the Assyrian Invasion and End Of The Kingdom Of Yisrael.

The Emergence Of Prophetism, YeshaYahu

His cry against wickedness, his warnings to YAHWEH's people and his promise of hope to the remnant.

YeshaYahu And The Theme Of Royal MessiYahism

This solemn prophecy, expressed in clear-cut language which is a distinctive mark of YeshaYahu's literary genius, is actually shrouded in mystery.

King of Yahudah, Ahaz reaps reward of his colossal political blunders

Assyrian Tiglath-Pileser's Harsh Treatment Of His Ally Ahaz, King Of Yahudah and Hosea, The King Of Yisrael's Double Game Causes The Siege Of Samaria

The End Of The Ten Tribes Of Yisrael

The deportation by Jeroboam earlier had sounded death knell of the Ten Tribes Of Yisrael, now they disappeared for ever as they were dispersed among crude ethnical elements of Babylon.

Section 5

Second Blow: The Chaldaean Invasion and the Destruction of Yerusalem (721-587)

One of the most moving pages of the spiritual history of mankind

The Great Reign Of Hezekiah

Hezekiah worked with all his strength for the recovery of the kingdom by a strong attitude of non-intervention, but when pressed, he resorted to arms.

Hezekiah's Moral Reformation

A turning-point of great importance in the history of the spiritual progress of humanity.

The Literary Role Of Hezekiah's 'Academy'

Three accounts in one volume, a national and historical treasure of a kind unequalled at this period.

The Spiritual Role Of Hezekiah's 'Academy'

One extensive spiritual lesson (the four-term equation: sin, punishment, repentance, forgiveness).

Hezekiah's Foreign Policy, First Patiently Bided Time

The King of Yahudah as a politician playing a double game, from the beginning right up to the end

Hezekiah's Foreign Policy; Second, Hezekiah against Assyria

Hezekiah had given up his spiritual guide YeshaYahu, gone over openly to the military party and rose against Assyria.

Hezekiah's Foreign Policy; Third Act Hezekiah's Folly

Hezekiah was better never to have started the adventure and wiser to follow the exhortations of the Prophet YeshaYahu.

Hezekiah's Foreign Policy; The Assyrian insult to YAHWEH

Fourth Act: Hezekiah decided to ask YeshaYahu's advice.

Hezekiah's Foreign Policy; Fifth Act: Deliverance By YAHWEH

YeshaYahu the prophet's words came to pass as an malak of YAHWEH went out and struck down a hundred and eighty-five thousand men in the Assyrian camp.

The period of YeshaYahu

One of the greatest and most outstanding of the prophets of Yisrael.

Total Decline Of Faith in YAHWEH

Yahudah, under its own sovereign, deliberately abandoned its own ancestral YAHWEH, the one Sovereign Ruler of the tribes of Yacob.

'Rise, YAHWEH, Awake!'

The People of YAHWEH were plunged in thick darkness and uttered a sorrowful appeal, O my strength, come quickly to my help

The Reign Of Josiah, The Great Reforming King

Four Principal Divisions Of The Reign Of Josiah, regency, awakening, spiritual reform, and discovery of the Book of the Law.

Josiah's Eight Years Of Regency

His thirty-year reign leaves no doubt about the solid principles of Yahwism that he was taught from an early age.

Josiah's First Reforms: The Tabernacle Cleansed And Restored To YAHWEH

Josiah was determined to adopt measures which would guide the People of YAHWEH back to the straight path.

The Finding Of The Tabernacle Of The Book Of The Law

Josiah and the people promised to keep the commandments, the decrees and Laws of YAHWEH and to enforce the terms of the covenant.

Unexpected Failure Of Josiah's Reform

Despite his good will and his courage, Josiah did not succeed in bringing back YAHWEH's Chosen People to the path of YAHWEH.

The Destruction Of Nineveh

The Destruction Of Nineveh; the capital of the immense Assyrian Empire, a city of incredible, legendary wealth, and regarded as impregnable.

Josiah's Death On The Battlefield Of Megiddo

Josiah's madness was to think of opposing the powerful Egyptian army. The Judaeans were cut in pieces and Josiah was mortally wounded.

The Disastrous Reign Of Jehoiakim

Yahudah, formerly the vassal of Egypt, became the vassal of the Babylonian empire and then things began seriously to go wrong.

Jehoiakim, The Vassal Of Nebuchadnezzar, King Of Babylon

Jehoiakim did what was displeasing to YAHWEH.

Jehoiakim's Rebellion Against Nebuchadnezzar

Jehoiakim's Rebellion, Yerusalem under siege and Deportation To Babylon

Zedekiah and The Revolt Of Yerusalem Against Nebuchadnezzar

The war party and the peace party with king Zedekiah between them, the Revolt Of Yerusalem Against Nebuchadnezzar and The Siege Of Yerusalem.

The End Of Yerusalem

The remnant of Yisrael in Babylonian Exile and almost complete destruction was to emerge regenerated, stronger, more living, more luminous than ever.

Section 6

The Exile in Babylon (597-536)

With a solid moral barrier against the foreign influences, the the Chosen People were not absorbed into the Babylonian influence of their common Law.

Daily Life Of The Judaean Prisoners

Yehezqel during the first six years of his ministry tried to show the Chosen People how they were guilty in the sight of YAHWEH.

The Spiritual Activity Of The Judaeans In Babylon

The Judaean Exiles In Babylon began to understand submission to the will of YAHWEH, obedience to the Law and prayer of the heart. 

Liberation Of The Remnant Of Yahudah and The suffering 'SERVANT', a SAVIOUR, the MessiYah

The Second YeshaYahu's message; the suffering of the righteous man brings redemption of the sinful community, closer to YAHWEH.

Cyrus Marches On Babylon And Gives The Exiles In Babylon Their Freedom

Cyrus endeavoured to bind his peoples to him by the benefits that he conferred on them.

The Return From Exile Of The Remnant Of Yisrael

The Babylonian captivity had come to an end. The Chosen People organized their return home as they sang the praises of YAHWEH.


by faith and it will be opened unto you.