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By Pastor David Roberts

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This is for your understanding of a greed that is BEYOND COMPREHENSION! These people do not possess any HUMAN TRAITS at all. These are the "BASTARD SLIP"!

Evil Men Understand Not The Judgment - YAHWEH's Sword Newsletter

Newsletter No. 6 

Evil Men Shall Increase and Grow Worse -YHWH's Sword Newsletter

Newsletter No. 5

True Zera Seed Of Yisrael

Newsletter No. 4

What is the Fear Of The ALMIGHTY YHWH?

Newsletter No. 3 

YHWH Forbids Us To Offer Offerings To Molech On The Altar Of Shatan

Newsletter No. 2

The Downfall Of Babylon: "Whore of all Nation, AMERICA!"

Newsletter No. 1

   Nuggets To Think About  

by faith and it will be opened unto you.