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Miracles, Signs, and Wonders in the Earth

We have begun an in depth study on Miracles, Signs, and Wonders; to clearly Identify if the miracles of today in the religious spectrum are of Satan or YAHWEH, and, do the forces of hell have the Power to Perform Miracles, Signs, and Wonders in the earth today?


Can the Powers That be Perform Miracles? (Pt I)

All the miracles and the things that Satan performs in the religious circle, it is to draw the mind (the heart) away from the truth of the Torah. Can the Powers that be Perform Miracles? Christendom is nothing more than a derivative of the god of meni; gad, the god fortune and prosperity; and meni, the god of fate, that is all it is. It is a derivative, a hybrid of those religions, it is a mixture, it has all kinds of tenets in it. Whom YAHWEH makes free that one is free from the powers that rule in the spiritual realm. Are the Powers that be, can they, or, are they able to perform miracles?

Powers of Darkness, Devils Working Miracles to Deceive .(Pt II) 

"Satan has the power to deceive with Miracles."

Powers of Devils working Miracles to deceive, and people will run after a miracle before they run after truth, because this is a wicked and adulterous generation. They have  seen the signs of gods, so that is not an unexpected thing to have miracles perform. But there is something that YAHWEH has done; HE has given us a pure word and HIS word transforms us by a miraculous power. It is not by the seeing of our eyes.  We believe it's not by what HE has done that we perceive, it's by the hearing of our ear through faith, that we believe HIM. Powers of devils working miracles draws everyone against the NAME. But YAHWEH is going to again  honor HIS NAME! It shall be esteemed in the earth.

Powers of Devils in the Earth to Perform Miracles (Pt III) 

So can the powers that be; the powers of darkness perform miracles? Is that the true essence of our faith, some power of miracle working miraculous sign or wonder? The most profound wonder that has ever been placed on the face of the earth is MessiYah; for three days and three nights He was in the belly of the earth, and on the third as the Word of YAHWEH commanded Him, He got up with all power in His hand. Why must miracles, and signs be performed in this hour by the Hand of YAHWEH?, because YAHWEH is dealing with an adulterous, paganized generation that has no trust or confidence in anything at all. Although HE shows miracles; profound miraculous things; that does not cause one believe or trust YAHWEH. These are Powers of Devils gone forth into all the king's of the earth to battle against the Name of ABBA YAHWEH. The Powers of Devils in the Earth to Perform Miracles.

Spirits of Devils Gone Forth Working Miracles to Deceive the world IV

Spirits of Devils Gone Forth to Deceive the world. All of these beings that fell from the Shamayim with Satan; they have the strength of a god. That's why in every kind of Greek or Egyptian mythology we find the names of these beings and gods. They are gods; they are not YAHWEH, and they do not have the eternal truth of YAHWEH. Can they perform miracles, and do things to deceive the mind of the masses? Sure they can. The mind, and the heart of the nations of the world are very deceived. There is not a compassion for the things of YAHWEH today; it is not of the strength, or of the love of YAHWEH. Sh'aul, as he spoke unto the house a profound statement in 2 Thessalonians 2:9: He said this, "There is one that is coming even him whose coming is after the working of Satan, their is one that shall arise a pseudo prophet; he will be false, and will not eminent the power of YAHWEH. When one eminent that power of YAHWEH; it is based upon Torah. This one that is coming he has no true identity with YAHWEH, and you know if he identifies with YAHWEH, it is by what government that he speaks, what he encourages, and what he stands on. This is a religious generation that stands on religious, and emotional principles. Their are millions of gods, Satan is the god of this world, and they all are after the same territory, the fullness of the soul of man. This one is going to work such profound deceiving miracles, which will be so strong that it is going to turn the heart of the world away from YAHWEH. It will deceive the whole world, not some but the whole world. Only those that have the seal of YAHWEH, they will not be deceived. If it was possible, the very elect would be deceived by the profound miracles that this one that is coming; is the false image of darkness. Because men will not receive the love of the truth, the Torah, HE is going to give them over to strong delusion that they may believe the lying wonders today. The pseudo prophets; the powers of darkness have caused the minds to be at ease. They will have power to perform great miracles, And this is how its begins, because these are the works of the flesh, and men are always looking for things that accommodate their flesh. The flesh hates YAHWEH, it does not love the rule of YAHWEH, it is against the Torah of YAHWEH. There is a host of fallen gods in the Shamayim. Spirits of Devils are working Miracles in all the World. And they repented not of the worship of the host of the Shamayim devils. Spirits of devils work miracles to draw men to that day of perdition, whereby there is almost a sound that goes out in the world today, they hate to even hear the NAME "YAH", they despise it. It is a generation that worships devils, and these are devils gone forth with their miracles and signs today. What we see in the religious world today is a practice of devil worship, and they have made themselves known by their signs and miracles.




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