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 Are Ordained By YAHWEH

The king's heart is in the hand of YAHWEH, as the rivers of water: HE turns it whithersoever HE will. (Tehillim (Psalms) 21:1). YAHWEH controls the heart of the kings and HE will turn the heart to the direction that HE wants it turned. All the things we see taking place are being done by the commands of YAHWEH, so HE can bring HIS righteous judgment upon the people and nations that have rejected HIS Law and COMMANDMENTS. And this nation with all of her corruption is playing an important role in the judgments of YAHWEH to come upon the earth. All the GLOBAL POWERS are ordained by YAHWEH that HE may make HIS power know in the earth.

Blessed Is He That Considers The Poor

Scripture tells us that there is a an evil in the land that will cause a deep darkness (no Law OF YAHWEH TO GOVERN) to overtake the land. The riches of this nation will cause great pains to fall up on us, because it has been obtained by lies, evil surmising, greed and oppressing the poor of the nations. And all of her wealth will not deliver in the day of trouble, distress and anguish that shall come upon her. They will cast all their gold and silver into the street, because it will have no value at all. This nation will not leave an inheritance to her children. This nation thinks the more it can get the more it will leave to the generations to come, but not so says YAHWEH. Qoheleth (Ecclesiastes) 5:13 There is a sore evil which I have seen under the sun, namely, riches kept for the owners thereof to their hurt.(5:14) But those riches perish by evil travail( painful labor) and he gets a son, and there is nothing in his hand.(5:15) As he came forth of his mother's womb, naked shall he return to go as he came, and shall take nothing of his labor, which he may carry away in his hand.(5:16) And this also is a sore evil, that in all points as he came, so shall he go: and what profit hath he that hath labored for the wind?(5:17) All his days also he eats in darkness, and he hath much sorrow and wrath with his sickness. Can we not see the WORD of YAHWEH telling us of these calamities that will take place, because we do not obey HIS Law and HIS TRUTH. A nation that prides itself on it's wealth and will not care for the poor is treading on dangerous grounds. We can see Scripture being fulfilled every day around us. We as a nation should not oppress the poor of the world, and we are doing that to satisfy the greed of a covetous people as this nation that can not have enough, or is satisfied. Tehillim (Psalms) 41:1 Blessed is he that considers the poor: YAHWEH will deliver him in time of trouble. Here is an article written by "Chris Floyd" a news reporter . It was not found in the newspapers of this nation, because we do not believe TRUTH. Propaganda and Mind control is a major part of this nations agenda to control the thinking of its people

Pastor Roberts

Operation Sweatshop

Jean-Bertrand Aristide's move to raise Haiti's minimum wage was the last straw for American corporations and elitist U.S. factions.

By Chris Floyd

This week, the Bush administration added another violent "regime change" notch to its gun-belt, toppling the democratically elected president of Haiti and replacing him with an unelected gang of convicted killers, death squad leaders, militarists, narco-terrorists, CIA operatives, hereditary elitists and corporate predators -- a bit like Team Bush itself, in other words.

Although the Haiti coup was widely portrayed as an irresistible upsurge of popular discontent, it was of course the result of years of hard work by Bush's dedicated corrupters of democracy, as William Bowles reports in Information Clearinghouse. Bushist bagmen funded the political opposition to President Jean-Bertrand Aristide, smuggled guns to exiled Haitian warlords and carried out a relentless strangulation of the country, cutting off long-promised financial and structural aid to one of the poorest nations on earth until food prices were soaring, unemployment spiked to 70 percent and the broken-backed government lost control of society to armed gangs of criminals, fanatics and the merely desperate. Meanwhile, Haiti was forced to pay $2 million per month on debts run up by the murderous U.S.-backed dictatorships that ruled the island for decades after the American military occupation of 1915-1934.

The ostensible reason for Bush's deadly squeeze-play was Haiti's disputed elections in 2000. That vote, only the nation's third free election in 200 years, was indeed marred by reports of irregularities -- although these were not nearly as egregious as the well-documented hijinks which saw a certain runner-up candidate appointed to the White House that same year. There was no question that Aristide and his party received an overwhelming majority of legitimate votes; however, out of the 7,500 offices up for grabs, election observers did find that seven senate results seemed of dodgy provenance.
So what happened? The seven disputed senators resigned. New elections for the seats were called, but the opposition -- two elitist factions financed by Washington's favorite engines of subversion, the Orwellian-monikered "National Endowment for Democracy" and "International Republican Institute" -- refused to take part. The government broke down because the legislature couldn't convene. When Bush came in, he tightened the screws of the international blockade of the island, insisting that $500 million in desperately needed aid could not be released unless the opposition participated in new elections -- while he was simultaneously paying the opposition not to participate.

The ultimate aim of this brutal pretzel logic was to grind Haiti's destitute people further into the ground and destroy Aristide's ability to govern. His real crime, of course, was not the Florida-style election follies or the reported "tyranny." Bush loves that stuff -- witness his eager embrace of the nuke-peddling dictatorship of Pakistan, the human-boiling hardman of Uzbekistan, the torture-happy tyrant of Kazakhstan, the drug-running warlords of Afghanistan and so forth.

No, Aristide did something far worse than stuffing ballots or killing people -- he tried to raise the minimum wage to the princely sum of two dollars a day. This move outraged the American corporations -- and their local lackeys -- who have for generations used Haiti as a pool of dirt-cheap labor and sky-high profits. It was the last straw for the elitist factions, one of which is actually led by an American citizen and former Reagan-Bush appointee, manufacturing tycoon Andy Apaid.

Apaid was the point man for the Reagan-Bush "market reform" drive in Haiti. Of course, "reform," in the degraded jargon of the privateers, means exposing even the very means of survival and sustenance to the ravages of powerful corporate interests. For example, the Reagan-Bush plan forced Haiti to lift import tariffs on rice, which had long been a locally grown staple. Then they flooded Haiti with heavily subsidized American rice, destroying the local market and throwing thousands of self-sufficient farmers out of work. With a now-captive market, the American companies jacked up their prices, spreading ruin and hunger throughout Haitian society.

The jobless farmers provided new fodder for the factories of Apaid and his cronies. Reagan and Bush chipped in by abolishing taxes for American corporations who set up Haitian sweatshops. The result was a precipitous drop in wages -- and life expectancy. Aristide's first election in 1990 threatened these cozy arrangements, so he was duly ejected by a military coup, with Bush It's not-so-tacit connivance.

Bill Clinton restored Aristide to office in 1994 -- but only after forcing him to agree to, yes, "market reforms." In fact, it was Clinton, the privateers' pal, who instigated the post-election aid embargo that Bush II used to such devastating effect. Aristide's chief failing as a leader was his attempt to live up to this bipartisan blackmail. As in every other nation that's come under the IMF whip, Haiti's already fragile economy collapsed. Bush family retainers like Apaid then shoved the country into total chaos, making it easy prey for the warlords whom Bush operatives -- many of them old Iran-Contra hands -- supplied with arms through the Dominican Republic, The Boston Globe reports.

When the terrorist warlords attacked last month, Bush flatly refused Aristide's plea for an international force to preserve Haiti's democracy. Instead, he sent armed men to "persuade" Aristide to resign. Within hours, the Bush-backed terrorists were marching through Port-au-Prince, executing Aristide's supporters, The New York Times reports.

Guess they won't be asking for two dollars a day now, eh? Mission accomplished!

Thus, just like his father, Bush has overthrown Aristide, and for the same reason: He represented a threat to their "natural order" -- unchecked rule by pampered, protected elites. Terrorism, despotism, torture, WMD trafficking: All of this can be countenanced, even embraced. But Aristide's alternative -- democratic, capitalist, but with "a prejudice for the poor," as enjoined by the Gospels -- this evil can never be tolerated.

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