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The Fourth Book Of Mosheh and Torah


1  The Numbering Of The Yisraelites

2  The Order Of The Tribes In Their Tents

3  The Sons Of Aaron, The Levites Taken Instead Of The First-Born

4  The Levites' Service

5  The Unclean To Be Removed Out Of The Camp

6  The Torah Concerning The Nazarites

7  The Offerings Of The Princes At The Dedication Of The Tabernacle

8  The Lamps Of The Sanctuary

9   YAHWEH Spoke Of The Passover

10  The Two Silver Trumpets

11  The Burning At Taberah

12  YAHWEH Rebukes The Murmuring Of Aaron And Miriam

13  Twelve Men Sent To Search The Land Of Canaan

14  The People Murmur At The Account Of The Spies

15  The Torah Of The Meat-Offering And The Drink-Offering

16  The Rebellion Of Korah, Dathan, And Abiram

17  Twelve Rods Laid Up Before YAHWEH

18  The Charge Of The Kohenim And Levites

19  The Ashes Of A Heifer

20  The People Come To Zin, They Murmur For Water

21  The Canaanites Of Arad Destroyed

22  Balak's Fear Of Yisrael, He Sends For Balaam

23  Balak's Offering, Balaam Pronounces A Blessing Instead Of A Curse

24  Balaam, Leaving Divinations, Prophesies The Happiness Of Yisrael

25  The Yisraelites Enticed By The Daughters Of Moab And Midian

26  Numbering Of Yisrael In The Plains Of Moab

27  The Torah Of Inheritances

28  Offerings, The Daily Offering

29  The Offering At The Feats Of Shofars, And On The Day Of Atonement

30  All The Vows That Are To Be Kept

31  War With Midian

32  The Tribes Of Reuben And Gad Request An Inheritance On The East Of Jordan

33  Encampments Of The Yisraelites

34  The Bounds Of The Promised Land

35  The Cities Of The Levites

36  The Inheritance Of The Daughters Of Zelophehad



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