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Appendix A of the Scrolls 
Found in the 11 Caves

We have included this particular catalogue of scrolls and fragments that you may comprehend the volume of work and research that was done to achieve these items. Not only the work required to recover and translate these documents, but more amazing is the comprehensive knowledge of scriptures, that shows the time and love spent in writing such a vast quantity of documents. Also, many of the lost books of scripture are noted, copied and even a commentary given on some.

Some interesting facts concerning the scrolls;
It has been noted that the total number of documents discovered in all the eleven caves was approximately 813. The Qumran manuscripts were twelve scrolls, one which was copper and eleven of leather, which at this time, have been published. There are approximately 801 surviving fragments of which 401 have appeared in various volumes of DJD, noting that approximately 400 still are to be officially published.
Prior to 1991 the release of the scrolls was slow and despite the concerns of many, the release of the scrolls has been a true blessing to scholars and the general public alike. 


BAR                     Biblical Archaeology Review

BASOR               Bulletin of the American Schools of Oriental Research

CBQ                    Catholic Biblical Quarterly

CD                       Cairo Damascus Document

DJD                     Discoveries in the Judaean Desert, Oxford, 1955

DSS                     Dead Sea Scrolls

DSSU                  R. Eisenman and M. Wise, The Dead Sea Scrolls Uncovered,  London and New York, 1992

Fr.                        Fragment

H                          Hodayoth=Hymns

HJP                      E. Schiirer, G. Vermes, F. Millar and M. Goodman, The History of  the Jewish
     People in the Age of Jesus Christ, Vols. I-III, Edinburgh, 1973-87

IEJ                        Yisrael Exploration Journal

JBL                      Journal of Biblical Literature

JJS                      Journal of Jewish Studies

JNES                   Journal of Near Eastern Studies

JQR                     Jewish Quarterly Review

JSJ                      Journal for the Study of Judaism

JSS                     Journal of Semitic Studies

M                          Milhamah=War Rule

MMT                    MiqsatMa'ase ha-1Orah=Some Observances of the Torah

MQC                   J. Trebolle Barrera and L. Vegas Montaner, eds., The Madrid  Qumran     Congress 1991, Vols. I-II, Leiden, 1992

NTS                     New Testament Studies

p                          pesher=sectarian Bible commentary

Ps                        Psalms Scroll a= IIQPs

Q                         Qumran cave (IQ, 2Q, etc.=Qumran cave I, 2, etc.)

RB                       Revue biblique

RQ                       Revue de Qumran

S                          Serekh=Community Rule=1QS

Sa                        Serekh: Appendix a=Messianic Rule=1QSa

Sb                        Serekh: Appendix b=Blessings=IQSb

S-D                      Hybrid Community Rule-Damascus Document <4Q26s)

TS                        YAHWEH's Covenant=11QTS

UDSS                  A Preliminary Edition of the Unpublished Dead Sea Scrolls I-III,  ed. B. Z.
     Wacholder and M.G. Abegg, Washington, 1991-5


Cave 1 IQ


1Q1saa        Complete Isaiah in Millar Burrows et al., The Dead Sea Scrolls of St  
                       Mark's Monastery, 1, New Haven, 1950

1Q1sab        Incomplete Isaiah in E. L. Sukenik, The Dead Sea Scrolls of the 
                       Hebrew University
, Jerusalem, 1954 (Hebrew),1955 (English)

1 QapGen   Genesis Apocryphon in N. Avigad and Y. Yadin, A Genesis
, Jerusalem, 1956

1 QpHab     Commentary on Habakkuk in Millar Burrows et al., op.cit.

1QS              Community Rule in Millar Burrows, The Dead Sea Scrolls Of St   
                        Mark's  Monastery
, II, fasc. 2, New Haven, 1951

1QH               Thanksgiving Hymns in E. L. Sukenik, op. cit.

1QM               War Scroll in E. L. Sukenik, op. cit.



Cave 1   DJD,1   1Q

1=1Qgen                          Genesis

2=1QEx                            Exodus

3=1QpaleoLev                 Leviticus in palaeo-Hebrew script

4-5=1QDeuta-b                Deuteronomy

6=1QJudg                        Judges

7=1QSam                        1and 2 Samuel

8=1QIsab                          Frs. belonging to the incomplete Isaiah Scroll

9=1Qezek                        Ezekiel

10-12=1QPSa-c              Psalms

13=1Qphyl                       Phylactery

14=1QpMic                     Commentary on Micah

15=1QpZeph                   Commentary on Zephaniah

16=1QpPs                       Commentary on Psalms

17-18= 1Qjub a-b             Jubilees

19-19bis=1Qnoah          Book of Noah

20=1QapGen                  Genesis Apocryphon

21=1QTLevi ar                Aramaic Testament of Levi

22=1QDM                        Divre Mosheh (Sayings of Moses)

23-4=1QenGiants           Book of Giants (Enoch)

25                                      Apocryphal prophecy

26                                      Wisdom text

27=1QMyst                      Book of mysteries

28a=1QSa                       Rule of the Congregation (Annex to Community Rule)

28b=1QSb                       Benedictions (Annex to Community Rule)

29                                      Liturgical text

30-31                                Liturgical texts

32=1QJNar                      Aramaic New Jerusalem

33=1QMfrs                      War Scroll

34-34bis=1QlitPra-b        Liturgical prayers

35=1QHfrs                       Thanksgiving Hymns (1QH)

36-40                                Hymns

41-62                                Unidentified Hebrew fragments

63-8                                  Unidentified Aramaic fragments

69                                      Unidentified Hebrew fragments

70-7obis                            Unidentified papyrus fragments

71-2=1QDan a-b              Daniel


CAVE 2   DJD, 111   2Q

1=2QGen                         Genesis

2-4=2Qex a-c                   Exodus

5=2 QpaleoLev               Leviticus in palaeo-Hebrew script

6-9=2Qnum a-d                Numbers

1O-12=2Qdeut a-c          Deuteronomy

13=2QJer                        Jeremiah

14=2QPs                         Psalms

15=2QJob                       Job

16-17=2Qrutha-b              Ruth

18=2QSir                         Ben Sira

19-20=Z Qjub a-b             Jubilees

21=2QapMoses              Moses Apocryphon

22=2QapDavid               David Apocryphon

23=2QapProph               Apocryphal prophecy

24=2QJNar                      Aramaic text on the New Jerusalem

25                                      Legal document

26=2QEnGiants              Book of Giants (Enoch)

27-33                                Unidentified small fragments


CAVE 3   DJD,111   3Q

1=3QEzek                        Ezekiel

2=3QPs                            Psalms

3=3QLam                         Lamentations

4=3QpIsa                         Commentary on Isaiah

5=3QJub                          Jubilees

6=3QHym                         Hymn

7=3QTJud?                      Testament of Judah?

8                                         A text mentioning the Angel of Peace

9                                        Sectarian text?

10-11                                Small unidentified Hebrew fragments

12-13                                Small unidentified Aramaic fragments

14                                      Unidentified fragments

15=3QTreasure               Copper Scroll


CAVE 4   DJD, XII   Q4

1 =Gen-Exa                      Genesis-Exodus

2-8=Genb-h1                   Genesis

8a-Genhz                          Genesis

8b=Genhpara                   Parabiblical Genesis

8c=Genhtag                     Title tag of Genesis

9-lo=Genj-k                      Genesis

12=paleoGenm                Genesis

13-21=Exb-k                     Exodus

23=Lev-Numa                   Leviticus-Numbers

24-6=Lev b-d                     Leviticus

27=Numb                          Numbers

28=Deuta                          Deuteronomy                                  White

29=Deutb                          Deuteronomy                                  Duncan

3O-31=Deut c-d                Deuteronomy                                  White (op. cit.)

32=Deute                          Deuteronomy                                   Duncan (op. cit.)

33-4=Deutf-g                     Deuteronomy                                  White (op. cit.)

35=Deut h                         Deuteronomy                                  Duncan (op.cit.)

36=Deut i                          Deuteronomy                                   White (op.cit.)

37-40=Deutj-m                 Deuteronomy                                   Duncan (op. cit.)

41=Deutn                          Deuteronomy                                   White (op. cit.)

42-3=Deut o-p                   Deuteronomy                                   Duncan (op. cit.)

44=Deutq                          Deuteronomy                                   Skehan

47=Josha                          Joshua

48=Joshb                          Joshua                                             Tov

49-50=Judga-b                 Judges                                             Trebolle

51-2=Sama-b                   Samuel

53=Samc                         Samuel

54=Kgs                            Kings                                                Trebolle

55=Isaa                              Isaiah                                               Muilenburg

56-69b=Isa b-r                   Isaiah

70=Jer a                           Jeremiah                                          Janzen, Tov

71-71a-b  =Jerb,d-e          Jeremiah                                          TOV

72=Jerb                            Jeremiah                                          TOV

73-4=Ezek a-b                  Ezekiel                                             Lust

75=Ezekc                         Ezekiel

76-81=X11a-f                   Minor prophets                                Fuller

82=X11g                          Minor prophets

83=Psa                             Psalms

84=Psb                             Psalms                                             Skehan

85-7=Psc-e                      Psalms

88=Psf                              Psalms                                             Starcky

89-97=Psg-p                    Psalms

98=Psq                             Psalms                                             Milik

98a=Psr                           Psalms

98b=Pss                          Psalms                                             Skehan

98c-d=Psfrr -2                 Psalms

99-100=Joba-b                Job

102-3=Prova-b                 Proverbs

104-5=Rutha-b                 Ruth

106-8=Canta-c                 Song of Songs

109=Qoha                        Ecclesiastes                                    Muilenburg

110=Qohb                        Ecclesiastes

111=Lam                          Lamentations                                  Cross

112=Dana                         Daniel                                              Ulrich

113-4=Danb-c                  Daniel                                               Ulrich

115-6=Dand-e                  Daniel

117=Ezra                         Ezra

118=Chr                           Chronicles                                        Trebolle



11=paleoGen-Exl            Genesis-Exodus

22=paleoExm                  Exodus

45-6=paleoDeur-s           Deuteronomy 

101=paleoJobc               Job

119=LXXLeva                 Greek Leviticus

120=papLXXLevb          Greek Leviticus

121=LXXNum                 Greek Numbers

122=LXXDeut                 Greek Deuteronomy

123=paleoParaJosh       Para biblical Joshua frs.

124-5=paleoUnid 1-2      Unidentified frs.

126=Unid gr                     Unidentified Greek frs.

127=papPara Ex gr         Greek parabibl. Exodus frs.



128-48=phyla-u                Phylacteries 

149-55=Meza-g                Mezuzot

156=tgLev                       Targum of Leviticus

157=tgJob                        Targum of Job


DJD,V   4Q

158=BibPar                     Biblical paraphrases

159=Orda                        Ordinances

160=VisSam                   Vision of Samuel

161-S=pIsaa-e                 Commentaries on Isaiah

166-7=pHosa-b               Commentaries on Hosea

168=pMic                        Commentary on Micah

169=pNah                       Commentary on Nahum

170=pZeph                     Commentary on Zephaniah

171=pPSa                       Commentary on Psalms

172=pUnid                      Commentary on unidentified texts

173=PPs b                      Commentary on Psalms

174=Flor                          Florilegium

175=Testim                      Testimonia

176=Tanh                         Tanhumim24

177=Cata                        Catena A

178                                   Unnamed

179=apLama                   Apocryphal lamentations

180=AgesCreat              Ages of the creation

181                                   Unnamed

182=Catb                         Catena B

183                                   Unnamed

184=Wiles                       Wiles of the wicked woman

185                                   Unnamed

186=Cryptic                    Cryptic texts25



196-199=Tob ara-d          Tobit in Aramaic                           DJD, XIX, 1-62

200=Tob heb                   Tobit in Hebrew                             DJD, XIX, 63-76

201-202=Ena-b                Enoch                                             Milik

203=EnGiantsa                Enoch (Giants)

204-207=Enc-f                 Enoch

208-211=Enastra-d         Astrological Enoch

212=Eng+Letter              Enoch and his Letter

213=TLevi ara                 Aram. Test. of Levi                         Stone-Greenfield

214=TLevi arb                 Aram. Test. of Levi

215=TNaph                      Test. Of Naphtali                             Stone

216=Juba                         Jubilees                                            DJD, XIII, 1-22

217-18=Jubb-c                 Jubilees 23-38

219=Jubd                          Jubilees 38-53

220=Jube                          Jubilees 55-61

221=Jubf                           Jubilees 63-85

222=Jubg                          Jubilees 87-94

223-224=papJubh           Jubilees 95-140

225-227=psJuba-c           Jubilees 141-75

228=citofJub                    Jubilees 177-85

229=pseudep                  Pseudepigraphic work in Mishnaic Hebrew  

230-231=CatSpira-b       Catalogue of Spirits

232=JNhebr                    New Jerusalem in Hebrew

233=Toponyms               Frs. with place-names

234=Gen2 7:20f              Scribal exercise

235=frs of Kings              Book of Kings

236=Psalm 89                 Psalm 89

237=Psalter                     Psalter

238=Hab3&songs          Habakkuk 3 and Songs

239=Pesh                        Pesharim on the true Yisrael

240=CommCant?           Commentary on the Song of Songs?

241=Lamcit                      Frs. citing Lamentations

242=prNab                       Prayer of Nabonidus                       Milik

243-5=psDan ara-c         Pseudo-Daniel in Aramaic

246=arApocal                 Aramaic apocalypse                       Puech

247=ApocWeeks           Apocalypse of Weeks                     Milik

248=ActsGrKing            Acts of a Greek King                           Wacholder-Abeg'g

249=papMSM                 Midrash Sefer Mosheh A cryp A

250=versoMSM              Text written on verso of 249

251=legComm                Legal commentary on Torah          Baumgarten

252-4=pGena-c               Commentary on Genesis                Brooke

255-264=Sa-j                   Serekh a-j                                         E. Qimron

265=SD                           Serekh-Damascus                          Baumgarten

266-273=Da-h                  Damascusa-h                                 DJD, XVIII

274=TohA                        Tohorot A                                         Baumgarten

275=TohBa                      Tohorot B a                                        Milik

276-9=TohBb-c               C-DaTohorot Bb-c-C?-Da?             Eisenman

280=TohDb?                    Tohorot Db?

281-3=TohEa-b ?-F         Tohorot E

284=Nidd                         Serekh ha-Niddot

284a=Leq                         Leqet                                               Baumgarten

285=SMilh                       Serekh ha-Milhamah                      Vermes

286-290=Bera-e              Berakhot                                           Nitzan

291-3=Prayers                Work containing prayers

294-7=Rules                   Rules and Euchologies?

298=Words of Sage      Words of a Sage to sons of Dawn   Pfann

299-300=Mysta-b            Mysteries A-B                                  Schiffman

301 =MystC                     Mysteries C

302=papPraise               Praise of YAHWEH

302a=Parable                 Parable of the Tree

303-305=CreatAa-bB     Meditation on Creation A-B

306=Wisd                        Frs. concerning people who err

307-308=Sap                 Sapiential frs.

309=Arwork                    Aramaic work in cursive script 

310=Arpap                      Aramaic work on papyrus

311=Hebrpap                  Hebrew text on papyrus

312=Hebr                        Hebrew text in Phoenician cursive

313=Crypfr                      Cryptic text A

314-315=parcels            Four parcels of uninscribed leather

316=Hebrfr                      Frs. in Hebrew

317=Moon crypt              Frs. on the phases of the Moon (cryptic)              Milik45

318=Zod & Bront            Zodiology and Brontolog                      Geenfield-Sokoloff

319=Otot                          Otot                                                                      Glessmer

320-330=Cal                   Calendar                           Wacholder-Abegg, Talmon

331=papHista                  Historical work on papyrus A

332-333=Histb-c              Historical work on papyrus B-C

334=Ordo                        Ordo

335-336=Astr?                Astronomical works

337=frCal                        Calendar

338=Geneal                    Genealogical list

339=FalseProphs            List of False Prophets                   DJD, XIX, 77-9

340=Netin                         List of Netinim                                DJD, XIX, 81-4

341=Names                      List of proper names                     Naveh

342=Letterar                     Letter in Judaeo-Aramaic

343=Letternab                  Letter in Nabataean

344=Debt                         Acknowledgement of debt

345-6=Salear                  Sale of land in Aramaic

347=papDocar                Aramaic deed on papyrus

348=Deedhebr               Ownership document in Hebrew

349=Salehebr                  Hebrew sale of property

350-Cereal gr                  Account of cereal in Greek

351-4=Cereal                  Accounts of cereal

355-8=Money                  Accounts of money

359=List                           List of persons

360=Exercise                  Scribal exercise

361=papDoodles            Doodles on papyrus

362-3=CryptB                  Undeciphered Cryptic B

364-5=ReworkPentb-e    Reworked Pentateuch                    DJD, XIII, 187-318

365a=4QTemple?          Reworked Pentateuch                     DJD, XIII, 319-33

366-7=ReworkPentd-e    Prayer of Enosh                               DJD, XIII, 335-51

368=PentAp                    Pentateuch Apocryphon

369=PrEnosh                  Enosh                                                DJD, XIII, 353-62

370=FloodAp                  Flood Apocryphon                           DJD, XIX, 85-97

371=JosApa                    Joseph Apocryphon

372=JosApb                    Joseph Apocryphon b                     Schuller

373=JosApc                    Joseph Apocryphon c                     Schuller

374=MosApA                 Moses Apocryphon A                      DJD, XIX, 111-19

375-6=MosApA-B          Moses Apocryphon B                      DJD, XIX, 121-36

377=MosApC                 Moses Apocryphon C

378-9=PSJosha-b           Psalms of Joshuaa-b                       Newsom

380-81 =ApPs                Apocryphal Psalms                         Schuller

382=papparaKings         Para-Kings                                      DJD, XIII 363-416

383=apJerA                    Apocryphal Jeremiah A?

384=papapJerB              Apocryphal Jeremiah B? on papyrus

385=psEzeka                  Pseudo-Ezekiela                              Strugnell-Dimant

385a=psMosa                 Pseudo-Mosesa

385b=apJerc                  Apocryphal Jeremiahc                     Dimant

386-7=psEzekb-c            Pseudo- Ezekielb-c

387a=psMosb                 Pseudo-Mosesb

387b=apJerd                   Apocryphal Jeremiahd

388=psEzekd                   Pseudo- Ezekield

388a-9=psMosc-d           Pseudo-Mosesc-d

389a=apJere                   Apocryphal Jeremiahe

390=psMose                    Pseudo-Mosese                              Dimant

391=pappsEzek e           Pseudo-Ezekiel                               DJD, XIX, 153-93

392-3=Lit                          Liturgical works                               Falk

394-9=MMT a-f               MiqsatMa'ase                                  DJD, X

400-407=Shir Shab a-h   Songs of Sabbath Sacrificea-h     Newsom

408=Wisd                        Sapiential work                               Steudel

409=Lit                             Liturgy                                              Qimron

410-13=Wisd                  Sapiential work

414=Bapt                         Baptismal liturgy                             Eisenman

415=WisdBa-b                 Sapiential work Ba-b

416-18=WisdAa-c           Sapiential work Aa-c                        Eisenman

419=WisdAd                    Sapiential work Ad

420-1=Right a-b               Ways of Righteousnessa-b

422=ParaphGen&Ex      Commentary on Genesis and Exodus

423=Farmer                    Rule for the Farmer

423a=WisdE                   Sapiential work E

424=Wisd                        Sapiential work                                Eisenman

425=WisdC                     Sapiential work C

426=Wisd                        Sapiential work

427-32=Hoda-f                 Thanksgiving Songsa-f

433=Hod-like                   Hodayot-like fr.

434-8=Barkia-e                Barki nafshia-e                                 Eisenman

439=Barki-like                Work similar to Barkiafshi

440=Hod-like                  Work similar to Hodayot

441-4=Pr                         Prayers

445-7=Poet frs                Poetic fragments

448=apPs & Jon             Apocryphal Psalm & King Jonathan         Eshel-Yardeni

449-56=Prs                     Prayers

457=Narrs                       Narratives

458=Narr                         Narrative                                           Eisenman

459-60=Pseudep            Pseudepigraphic work

461-3=Narr                      Narrative                                          DJD, XIX, 195-214

464=Apocb                      Apocryphonb

465=unid                          Unidentified text

466-9=Apoc?                 Apocryphon

470=Zedkfr                     Fr. mentioning Zedekiah                  DJD, XIX, 235-44

471=Mg                           Warg                                                   Eshel

471a=Polem. fr               Polemical fr.                                      Eshel-Kister

47lb=PrMich                    Prayer of Michael

472=Wisd                        Sapiential work:

473=2 ways                     Sapiential work: Two Ways

474-6=Wisd                     Sapiential work 

477=Sect decr                 Decrees of the sect                        Eshel

478=papTob?                  Tobit? fr. on papyrus

479-81=Unid frs              Unidentified frs.

48la=Elisha fr                  Fr. mentioning Elisha                      Trebolle

481b-e=Unid frs              Unidentified frs. 

48lf=Misc                         Miscellaneous frs.



482-3=papJub?               Jubilees? on papyrus

484=TJudah?                  Testament of Judah?

485=Proph                      Prophetic or sapiential text

486-7=Sapa-b                 Sapiential worka-b

488=Adar                        Aramaic apocryphon

489=papApocar             Aramaic apocalypse

490                                   Related frs.?

491-7=Ma-g                     Wara-g 

498=SngSap                 Songs or sapiential work

499=papHymPr              Fragments of hymns and prayers

500=papBen                   Benediction

501=Lamb                       Lamentationb

502=papRitMar              Marriage ritual

503=papPrQuot             Daily prayers

504-6=DivHam a-c         Words of the Heavenly Lightsa-c

507-9=PrFesta-c            Prayers for Festivalsa-c

510-11=Shira-b              Canticle of the Sagea-b

512=papRitPur              Ritual of Purification

513-14=Ordb-c              Ordinancesb-c

515-20=pap                    Undeciphered papyrus fragments

521=MessApoc              Messianic Apocalypse                    Puech

522=Toponyms              Work with place-names                   Puech

523=HebrB                    Hebrew fragment B

524=Halakh                    Halakhic text

525=Beat                       Sapiential text with beatitudes        Puech

526-8=HebrC-E             Hebrew fragments C-E

529=Mich                       Words of Michael                             Eisenman

530-31=Giantsb-c           Book of Giants (Enoch)b-c              Milik

532=Giantse                   Book of Giants (Enoch)e                 Eisenman

533=psEn                       Book of Giants or Pseudo-Enoch

534=Elect                       Elect of YAHWEH                             Starcky

535-6=ArNC                   Aramaic texts N and C                     Eisenman

537=AJa                         Aramaic Jacob                                  Puech

538=AJu                         Aramaic Judah                                  Milik

539=AJo                         Aramaic Joseph                                Milik

540-41=TLevic-d?          Testament of Levi?c-d                      Puech

542=TQahat                   Testament of Qahat                          Puech

543-8=Amrama-f            Visions of Amrama-f                         Milik

549=HurMir                    Work mentioning Hur and Miriam

550=PrEsth                    Proto-Esthera-e+f                               Milik

551=DanSus?                Susannah episode in Daniel?        Milik

552-3=4Kga-b                Four Kingdomsa-b                            Beyer

554-5=JNa                     New Jerusalema                               Eisenman

556-7=Visa-c                  Visionsa-c 

559=papChronol            Biblical chronology                          Eisenman

560=Provs                      Proverbs? 

561=Physiogn                 Physiognomic

562-75=ArD-Z               Aramaic fragments D-Z



1=Deut                            Deuteronomy 

2=Kgs                             Kings

3=Isa                                Isaiah

4=Am                             Amos

5=Ps                               Psalms

6-7=Lama-b                     Lamentationsa-b

8=Phyl                             Phylactery

9=Toponyms                   Place-names

10=apMal                       Apocryphal Malachi

11=S                               Serekh

12=D                               Damascus

13=S-like                        Fragment similar to S

14=Curses                      Liturgical curses

15=JNar                          Aramaic New Jerusalem

16-25=Unid                    Small unidentified and unclassified fragments



1=paleoGen                    Genesis in palaeo-Hebrew

2=paleoLev                     Leviticus in palaeo-Hebrew

3=Deut                             Deuteronomy

4=Kgs                              Kings

5=Ps                                Psalms

6=Cant                            Song of Songs

7=papDan                       Daniel on papyrus

8=papEnGiants              Book of Giants (Enoch)

9=papSam/Kgs              Samuel-Kings apocryphon on papyrus

10=apProph                   Apocryphal prophecy

11=Vine                          Allegory of the Vine

12 =apProph                  Apocryphal prophecy

13=PriestProph              Priestly prophecy

14=Apoc ar                    Aramaic Apocalypse

15=D                               Damascus

16=papBen                     Benedictions on papyrus

17=Cal                            Calendar

18=papSng                    Songs on papyrus

19=Gen?ar                     Aramaic text related to Genesis?

20=Deut?                       Deuteronomy?

21=frProph                     Prophetic fragment

22=Unid hebr                 Unidentified Hebrew text

23=Unidar                      Unidentified Aramaic texts

24-31 =misc                   Diverse fragments



1=papLXXEx                 Greek Exodus

2=papLXXEpJer           Greek Epistle of Jeremiah

3-5=papGrBibfrs?         Unidentified Greek biblical fragments?

6-18=papUnid                Unidentified tiny fragments

19=Grimpr                      Imprints of Greek papyrus on plaster



1=Gen                             Genesis

2=PS                               Psalms

3=Phyl                             Phylactery

4=Mez                             Mezuzah

5=Sng                            Liturgical poem



9QI                                 Papyrus fragment


CAVE 10   DJD,III   10Q

10QI                               Ostracon


CAVE 11   11Q

l=paleoLev                      Leviticus in palaeo-Hebrew             Freedman

2=Lev                              Leviticus                                             Ploeg

3=Deut                            Deuteronomy 

4=Ezek                           Ezekiel                                                Brownlee

5=Psa                              Psalmsa                                             Sanders

6=Psb                              Psalmsb                                             Ploeg

7=Psc                              Psalmsc                                             Ploeg

8-9=psd-e                        Psalmsd-e 

10=tgJob                         Targum of Job                                  Ploeg

11=apPsa                       Apocryphal Psalms                          Ploeg

12=Jub                            Jubilees                                             Woude

13=Melch                        Melchizedek                                      Woude Puech

14=Ber                            Berakhah                                           Woude

15-16=Snga-b                 Songsa-b                                           Ploeg

17=ShirShab                 Songs of the Sabbath Sacrifice      Newsom

18=JN                            New Jerusalem                                 Jongeling

19=Templea                  Temple Scroll                                     Yadin

20=Templeb                  Temple Scroll fragments                   Yadin

21=paleoUnid               Unidentified fragments

22-3=Unid                      Unidentified fragments


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