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 The Second Book Of Mosheh

1 The Children Of Israel Increase In Egypt After The Death Of Yoseph 
2 Mosheh Is Born, And Exposed On The River 
3 YAHWEH Appears To Mosheh In A Burning Bush 
4 YAHWEH Gives Mosheh Power To Work Miracles 
5 Pharaoh's Displeasure, He Increases The Tasks Of The Yisraelites 
6 YAHWEH Renews His Promise 
7 Mosheh And Aaron Encouraged 
8 The Plague Of Frogs 
9 The Murrain Of Beasts 
10 Threatened, Pharaoh, Moved By His Servants, Inclines To Let The Yisraelites Go 
11 YAHWEH's Last Instructions To Mosheh Respecting Pharaoh And The Egyptians 
12 The Beginning Of The Year Changed, The Passover Instituted 
13 The First-Born Sanctified To YAHWEH, The Remembrance Of The Passover Commanded 
14 YAHWEH Directs The Yisraelites To Pihahiroth, Pharaoh Pursues After Them 
15 The Song Of Mosheh For The Deliverance Of Yisrael 
16 The Yisraelites Come To The Wilderness Of Sin, They Murmur For Food, YAHWEH Promises Bread From Heaven 
17 The Yisraelites Murmur For Water At Rephidim, YAHWEH Brings Forth Water Out Of The Rock 
18 Jethro Brings To Mosheh His Wife And Two Sons 
19 The People Come To Sinai, YAHWEH'S Message To Them, And Their Answer 
20 The Preface To The Ten Commandments 
21 Torah Respecting Servants 
22 Torah Against Falsehood And Injustice 
23 Torah Against Falsehood And Injustice 
24 Mosheh Is Called Up Into The Mountain, The People Promise Obedience 
25 What The Yisraelites Were To Offer For Making The Tabernacle 
26 The Curtains Of The Tabernacle 
27 The Altar Of Burnt Offerings 
28 Aaron And His Sons Set Apart For The Kohen's Office, Their Garments 
29 The Offering And Ceremony For The Consecration Of The Kohenim 
30 The Altar Of Incense 
31 Bezaleel And Aholiab Are Appointed And Qualified For The Work Of The Tabernacle 
32 The People Cause Aaron To Make A Golden Calf 
33 YAHWEH Refuses To Go With Yisrael 
34 The Tables Of The Torah Renewed 
35 The Sabbath To Be Observed 
36 Building Of The Sanctuary 
37 Building Of The Sanctuary 
38 Building Of The Sanctuary 
39 The Kohenim' Garments 
40 The Tabernacle Is To Be Set Up, Aaron And His Sons To Be Sanctified 

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