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A Refuge Of Books With The Name Of YAHWEH Restored For The Wayfaring

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YAHWEH's Word: Continue steadfast in the apostles' doctrine
 and fellowship, and in breaking of bread, and in prayers. 

Songs for Yahweh Music

Excellent music of exaltation and praise unto FATHER YAHWEH

The Assembly of Yahweh

The Word of Yahweh, published by the Assembly of Yahweh, second edition is now available.

EliYah's Home Page 

The Dead Sea Scrolls in the Library of Congress

Source of additional materials on Dead Sea Scrolls

Joy In The World

A Nazarene Messianic home fellowship and teaching ministry with a focus on the Hebraic Roots of the faith, the "Sacred Names" of YAHWEH and YAHSHUA, the "Two Houses of Israel", and an exodus from the Roman worship system.

Paleo Times       Fellowship List

Non denominational website on Yahweh's name, feasts, etc. from a "Sacred Name" perspective.

Mountain Of YAHWEH's House

Torah Observant Messianic Fellowship in United Kingdom

Messianic Hall Of Shame

Be on the watch for wolves in sheep's clothing. Here are a few.

Congregation of Yahweh Panama City


YAHWEH's Sword does not agree or support all doctrines presented on these resources. We agree only with the Spirit of Truth and support our FATHER YAHWEH's  NAME being promoted in the pure Spirit of fellowship.