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 Pastor David Roberts Bio

 A true Testimony of a Man of YAHWEH

  Pastor and Sister Roberts have been blessed by YAHWEH to enjoy almost 28 years of marriage. Pastor Roberts met Sister Roberts when they were in junior high school. He knew when he met her that if he were to ever marry, Sister Roberts would be his wife. He served in the military as his life took on many spins and turns as he was running from the call of YAHWEH to walk in HIS LAW. He was truly a prodigal son. As YAHWEH began to move him into the direction that HE called him for, he yielded to the ABBA'S (FATHER'S) call. He and Sister Roberts were married and YAHWEH began to open his heart and mind to many things that were not part of his up bringing. As he began to understand some of the truths, he began preaching on the street corner, or wherever he had an open ear to hear. He was a novice indeed! He served as an assistant in an assembly until YAHWEH moved him out to begin a work that has led him to where he is today. Pastor and Sister Roberts have no children, but YAHWEH has blessed them with many to love and care for. They have enjoyed a faithful and beautiful relationship all these years. A commitment to YAHWEH, HIS work, and to each other with love and faithfulness that has sustained their marriage. They are truly friends to each other. A labor of love that they both share for YAHWEH and HIS people. He has been the  pastor of  YAHWEH'S  CONGREGATION for 20 years (it was not called YAHWEH'S CONGREGATION in the beginning). As YAHWEH began to bring him into the knowledge of HIS NAME, HIS LAW, and TRUTH, with understanding, he committed in his heart that he would never deny his ABBA'S TRUTH. One day as YAHWEH opened his understanding to the community life, he knew that it was the way YAHWEH wanted HIS people to live. Pastor Roberts began that quest by the leading of the Spirit of HIS ABBA. HE led them to a place in Jefferson, South Carolina. VICTORY COMMUNITY was established by him and the faithful brothers and sisters. There were those that YAHWEH used to help start this work that are no longer a part of it. He believes that YAHWEH used them for the purpose of this work that others may hear of that beautiful NAME of YAHWEH. 
His Live Stream broadcast is heard 24 hours a day seven days a week. I hope that this website will bless your heart as we try to promote the truth of the ABBA'S identity. May YAHWEH strengthen all in the mighty NAME of YAHSHUA MESSIYAH.


Pastor Roberts

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