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Opportunity To Tell Of The Goodness Of YAHWEH

Shalom in the NAME of YAHSHUA MESSIYAH. My name is Bennie Honeycutt and I am a saint of ALMIGHTY YAHWEH. I would like to use this opportunity to tell of the goodness of YAHWEH and what HE has done for me.

My wife and I have been married for 22 years and we have 4 children. My family and I have been under the Pastor-ship of Pastor Roberts since 1986. We have seen the hand of ALMIGHTY YAHWEH take this fellowship from faith to faith. I have seen the people receive the Word with anon and there was no root and only endured for a while, but thanks to ABBA YAHWEH, HE has kept us until a time such as this.

YAHWEH placed a desire in Pastor Robert's heart to bring HIS people together and to live among one another and to have all things in common. In 1997 YAHWEH opened the doors so that we were able to purchase this land known as, "Victory Community."

Living in a community among the saints has been a strength and encouragement to myself and my family. There is always someone available to reassure you in the faith, and to pray and to correct you if you start to walk in error. Bless YAHWEH for my brothers and sisters.

 A typical day here at Victory starts at 7:00 A.M. with prayer. Prayer is a vital part of our walk with YAHSHUA. Prayer allows YAHWEH to order our footsteps for the day, and to thank HIM for another day, and the protection of the saints. Then we gather for breakfast as a family. Sometimes Pastor Roberts will give us a word of strength to help us go through the day. 

After breakfast our physical labor begins, the sisters cook, sew, clean, plant flowers and do laundry. The brothers split wood, work in the garden, and take care of the farm animals. The schoolchildren are taught by teachers that love teaching the students. 

I guess you ask the question "Do we have battles with each other?" SURE! But we know that our strength is not in the arm of the flesh, but in ALMIGHTY YAHWEH, who is able to keep us through all of our trials that Satan puts in our way. YAHWEH is teaching us to love one another through HIM. The  joy of YAHWEH fills my soul when I see how he has changed my life. I would like to encourage each of you all to press on in the faith of YAHSHUA MESSIYAH, and never forget where HE found you. HALLELUYAH!

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