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And ye shall seek ME, and find ME,
when ye shall search for ME with all your heart.

YAHWEH'S Congregation - Statement Of Belief In YHWH

We believe in the only MIGHTY ONE, the Creator of shamayim (heaven) and olam (earth) whose Name is YAHWEH.

Life through YAHSHUA MESSIYAH, the Son of YAHWEH

YAHWEH's Victory Community is a group of YAHWEH's saints living in obedience unto scripture. The Congregation is made up of saints from all walks of life.

New On Yahweh's Sword

You can find all the new pages and Articles on this site.

Voice Of Victory Webcast Broadcast Information

Listing of times, dates, and places Pastor David Roberts can be heard preaching, teaching and exhorting the Word of YAHWEH. The Voice of Victory online Broadcast.

Events Of YAHWEH's Sword And Victory Community

List of gathering times and places of the events at Victory Community in Jefferson South Carolina where a remnant of YAHWEH's Congregation is, and at other venues where there in a remnant gathering.

Worship Services in "YAHWEH's Congregation" at Victory Community

List of dates and times for teaching and worship services with the saints of YAHWEH.

Map Directions to Victory Community

Locator map and directions to YAHWEH's Victory Community.

We Are Victory Community

More insight to the saints at YAHWEH's Congregation

Calendar Of Yahweh's Feasts

Calendar dates for 2005 YAHWEH's Feast Days.

Let Us Know You Are There

We invite you to share your comments with us.

We Welcome Your Feedback

We would like your feedback as to what you think about our web site.

Be Our Guest

Share your thoughts about our web site, that we may share your thoughts with other visitors.

Fellowship With The Saints of YAHWEH

For all those seeking fellowship with the saints of like precious faith.

Other Resources For Your Edification

For your edification other sites with info about YAHWEH. 

Books Guides to Study YAHWEH and HIS Purpose.

The Word of YAHWEH

YAHWEH And The Gods In Scripture

Book Of Jubilees Name Restored

Book Of Yasher - Jasher - Restored Name

The Book Of Enoch Name Restored

The 2nd Book of Baruch

The Books Of Ezra

Books of YAHWEH's Scripture

YAHWEH Warns; Demise of The Nations

The Origins of The Days of The Week

What Is The Septuagint?

Textus Receptus; The Received Text

Hair and Beard In Scripture

The Importance of YAHWEH’s Feasts

And Men began to call on the NAME Of YAHWEH

Clean And Unclean Foods Today

YAHWEH’s Covenant Feast Days

The Lunar Shabbat Doctrine Exposed

Can We Keep The Passover Outside Of Jerusalem?


by faith and it will be opened unto you.