YAHWEH's Sword

YAHWEH's Messianic Music for the Wayfaring soul in a time of perplexity.

Make A Joyful Noise Unto YAHWEH

All the earth shall worship YAHWEH,
 and shall sing unto YOU;
 they shall sing to YOUR NAME.

Free MP3 Download Yahweh Messianic Music From Victory Community

Listen as the saints of YAHWEH at Victory's Congregation lift their voices in worship unto our FATHER YAHWEH our Creator.  See our new album The Bat Of Tszion Messianic Choir from Tshuwah (Victory) Community Choir.

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Here is the compete album of Make A Joyful Noise Unto YAHWEH" in a zip file.

YAHWEH Is My Shepard 

Who Is Like YAHWEH

Above All Powers

The Wonders of Wonders that YAHWEH should love me

Come to the FATHER

Heart of Worship

My Redeemer Lives

This Music is free and not to be sold at all.

 All music is based on Scriptures and are sung by the Choir in YAHWEH's Congregation at Victory Community.