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A Concise History Between
 MalakYah and MattithYah

The four hundred years between the prophecy of MalakYah (Malachi) and the advent of MessiYah are frequently described as "silent," but they were in fact crowded with activity. Although no inspired prophet arose in Israel during those centuries, and the Tanak (Old Covenant) was regarded as complete, events took place which gave to later Judaism its distinctive ideology and providentially prepared the way for the coming of YAHSHUA ha-MessiYah and the proclamation of His Gospel.

The following pages are concise and informative concerning each period and sect that leads up to YAHSHUA ha-MESSIYAH's entrance into history. (Look for our future pages concerning the Apocrypha.)

The  Persian History Period  

The Jews fared well under Persian rule and returned to Jerusalem
and rebuild their Tabernacle. 

Alexander The Great

Alexander was not simply a power-mad despot, he was thoroughly convinced that Greek culture was the one force that could unify the world.

The Ptolemies History

Under Ptolemy II ( Philadelphus ) the Alexandrian Jews
translated their Law ( i.e., the Pentateuch) into Greek.

The Seleucids History

The Syrian rulers are termed Seleucids because their kingdom, one of the successor states to Alexander's Empire, was founded by Seleucus I (Nicator).

The Maccabeans and the Wars

The Hebrew word for Maccabees is Sefer ha-Makabim and is usually interpreted to mean "the hammer.

Maccabees; What YAHWEH Did

Maccabees; YAHWEH's Valiant Men

The Hasmonaeans History

The Pharisees felt that they had gained their point, they withdrew their alliance with Syria and hoped for a Jewish state that would be both free of foreign control and tolerant of their viewpoint.

The Roman History

Jerusalem was made tributary to the Romans and
 the last vestige of Jewish independence was removed.

The Jewish Sects History

The Pharisees, Sadducees, Herodians and Zealots

The Pharisees History

The word Pharisee means "separated one", and the name probably meant, in the first instance, one who had separated himself from the corrupting influence of Hellenism in his zeal for the Biblical Law.

The Sadducees History

The Sadducees were the party of the Jerusalem aristocracy
and the High Priesthood. 

The Essenes

They seemed to have lived for the most part in monastic communities such as the one which maintained headquarters at Qumran, near the northwest corner of the Dead Sea.

YAHWEH's Holy Remnant

YAHWEH has HIS chosen, a people separate and apart from all.

Other Sects

Herodians and Zealots groups of Jews at opposite ends of the political spectrum.

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