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There is no other hope outside of the comfort of YAHSHUA our MESSIYAH. HE is the revelation of the mysteries of  ALL-Mighty YAHWEH. Those mysteries are things that have been hidden from man since the foundation of the earth and in this latter time this profound truth of MESSIYAH and the purpose, the hope of YAHWEH is revealed unto HIS house. The mysteries that have been kept in secret until this hour, YAHWEH begins to open up the truths of those mysteries. When we come to the fullness of understanding who MESSIYAH is we will come to the fullness of YAHWEH'S understanding. YAHSHUA was the full manifestation of the power of the  ABBA (FATHER). YAHSHUA came in the dynamics of HIS ABBA'S NAME.

As MESSIYAH began to speak everything HE dealt with was the dispensation of time that shall come, the circumstances of the earth in that time and  how the situation should be. Everything in Scripture reveals unto us the revelation, the plan and the hope of ALL-Mighty YAHWEH. It is visible and it is evident in Scripture. YAHSHUA MESSIYAH came to fulfill all of the Word of ALL-Mighty YAHWEH.

Men boast in their testimonies of great power, and yet there is no power. The power of YAHWEH kept MESSIYAH from the wicked course of this world, for HE did not sin. there was no desire and no pleasure to sin against the ABBA YAHWEH. For Scripture says that any man that sins against YAHWEH him will the ABBA destroy. HIS Word does not change!

MESSIYAH was the expression of truth. There was no sin or guile in that truth, because it was not manifested in that flesh. YAHSHUA MESSIYAH was the Word of YAHWEH made flesh. By the power of that Word made flesh there was nothing corrupt in that body. Even the grave could not corrupt HIM, for that body did not see any corruption at all  because the Word of YAHWEH cannot be corrupted. What an assurance unto the House of Yisrael that the Word can never be corrupted. The truth of YAHWEH came by Moshe, the Torah (Law )and the love of YAHWEH and truth by the power of the Spirit came by MESSIYAH. YAHWEH did not do away with the Torah (Law).


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