YAHWEH's Sword

History Of Abraham For The Wayfaring

Abraham, Loved By YAHWEH

The succession of Scriptural patriarchs
- A modern view point

PREFACE To Scripture History

Scriptures are the pattern of YAHWEH's work in HIS world and you cannot make sense of events if you leave YAHWEH out.


Abram born in region of Ur, and this important Mesopotamian civilization must have left its stamp on Abram's mind, manner of life and his psychology.

Who was Abram

The theories put forth concerning Abram's social class and spiritual surroundings at Ur in about 1850 B.C., as he was prepared for the call of YAHWEH.

Abram Reasons for the departure

Terah made them leave Ur of the Chaldaeans to go to the land of Canaan, with Abram being led by the existence of Yahweh even before leaving Ur.


Abram had a very unpretentious clan of nomads, more than a family though not yet a tribe, shown by an Egyptian wallpainting in brilliant colours.

On the road from Ur to Haran

Terah's clan after the arduous journey from Ur to Haran, allowed their flocks to recover by a long rest with good pasture. 

Abram becomes head of the clan

Through Abram came the proclamation of the ONE, the only Qadash YAHWEH; and the progressive establishment of a moral law enabling man to attain to an ever loftier and purer form of morality.

A progressive faith

YAHWEH, Sovereign Ruler of justice and purity, enabled Abraham to set out on the path leading to an ever nobler moral, faith and social life.

Abram leaves the Haran region 

For Abram's soul to be open to YAHWEH's revelation, he was separated, to live in relative solitude, a place suitable for spiritual training.

Shechem The Promise

Abram's caravan, after an exacting journey reached the fertile and sheltered valley of Shechem.

The Land Of Canaan

Abram had to preserve from moral contamination the men of his clan and move towards the faith of the ONE, the only, the invisible YAHWEH.

The Promise Made By Yahweh To Abraham

In petitions and thanksgiving to YAHWEH, Abram prayed standing, motionless, facing the altar, arms raised with palms of the hand facing outwards. 

From Camp To Camp

YAHWEH's chosen people were to find beneficial solitude and an isolation favourable to meditation on the Word of YAHWEH.

Abram Enters Egypt

Abram decided to go down into Egypt since the land was hard pressed by the famine and here he tells Sarai to tell them you are my sister.

Abram Leaves Egypt

Abram left Egypt and, it is hardly astonishing, never returned there.

Abram's Tent

The nomad was very proud, and regarded it as a matter of tremendous importance, that he lived in his own tent, the symbol of his complete freedom and independence.

Abram's Flocks

The quiet, peaceful, almost bourgeois (one belonging to the middle class) form of nomadism was adopted by Abram the shepherd and his descendants.

Food In The Time Of Abram

The basic foods, what was eaten and what was drunk in the tents of Abram's clan.

Separation Of Abram And Lot

The pasture was insufficient to feed so great a number of stock and in addition there were clashes between the shepherds at the wells.

Mamre The Covenant

Abram pursued the raiders, succeeded in setting Lot free and returned south with him and the whole clan.

The Three Encounters With Yahweh

YAHWEH revealed himself on three different occasions, which had a considerable effect on the history of the sons of Yisrael.

Second Encounter With Yahweh

YAHWEH knew Abram and Sarai and took possession of them, they belonged to HIM in a very special way; that was the effect of the Covenant.

Yahweh's Third Visit To The Oak Of Mamre

Abraham entertains three malakim that brought the message; At the same time next year I shall visit you again and Sarah will have a son.

The Destruction Of Sodom And Gomorrah

The destruction of the wicked cities, the disappearance beneath a rain of fire of the whole of this accursed valley of Siddim.

What The Geologists Can Tell Us

Destruction Of Sodom And Gomorrah are historically possible, since it is so clearly authenticated by the geographical data of the site.

Abraham's Knowledge

With remarkable single-mindedness they remained faithful to their noble and grandiose theology, a theology which was entirely based on the revelation of the One Sovereign YAHWEH.

Eden, Or Paradise and The Flood

The pagan traditions and stories concerning the Garden of Eden and the Flood during Abraham's time.

The Tower Of Babel

The Hebrew shepherds explained the ziggurats by the pride and folly of the men who had planned to climb up to heaven to dislodge YAHWEH from it.

Summary The End Of A Cycle

The patriarch Abraham's wanderings were not yet over, for there were to be further adventures in which YAHWEH also figured.

Family Affairs

Lot And His Daughters: A Shameful Incident

Yitschaq The Child Of The Promise

Abraham, after the birth of Yitschaq, the miracle-child, at the encouragement of Sarah dismissed Hagar And Her Son Ishmael.

At The Well Of Beersheba

Abraham and his flocks were in the territory of Abimelech, king of Gerar, when a quarrel between Abimelech's and Abraham's shepherds arose.

The Sacrifice Of Yitschaq

Through the patriarch's faith there is open to man the path whereby he could rise from the depths of polytheist materialism.

Sarah's Burial

Sarah died and Abraham went in to mourn and grieve for her.

Abraham Continued

The first plot, acquired in due form, of the Promised Land.

The cave of Machpelah

The future family vault of Abraham's family.

Isaacs Marriage

A wife for Yitschaq, Abraham's heir, from one of the kinsfolk of the Hebrews was YAHWEH's plan for the spiritual progress of the Chosen People.

Abraham's Further Descendants

After Abraham came Yitschaq after Yitschaq, Yacob; to form the succession of Scriptural patriarchs.


by faith and it will be opened unto you.