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The Book of Songs and
 Psalms of Thanksgiving
from the Dead Sea Scrolls

YAHWEH's Word:
The fruit of the lips with the well-tuned instrument of the tongue,
 the first fruits of the lips from a pious and righteous heart
-he that offers these shall never be shaken by evil.

The Song of the Saints from the Manual of Discipline

Psalms 1 The Spirit Of YAHWEH

Psalms 2 YAHWEH YOU Are My Strength

Psalms 3 YAHWEH YOU Have Hedged Me

Psalms 4 YAHWEH's Eye Watching Over My Soul

Psalms 5 YAHWEH Has Illuminated My Face

Psalms 6 Warfare Like Never Been

Psalms 7 YAHWEH My Strong Wall

Psalms 8 YAHWEH Has Shed HIS Light

Psalms 9 YOU Have Set Me O YAHWEH

Psalms 10 Victory Shall Belong To YAHWEH On High

Psalms 10a YAHWEH I Am Stricken Dumb

Psalms 11 YAHWEH YOU Have Directed My Heart

Psalms 12 O YAHWEH, YOUR Wondrous Works

Psalms 13 In YOUR Mercy I Trust O YAHWEH

Psalms 14 YOUR Torah O YAHWEH Is An Evergreen

Psalms 15 YAHWEH I Accept YOUR Judgments Upon Me

Psalms 16 O YAHWEH On YOUR Truth Have I Leaned

Psalms 17 I Continually Bless YOUR NAME YAHWEH

Psalms 18 YAHWEH IN YOUR Lovingkindness Lies Yeshua

Psalms 19 YAHWEH Has Given The Insight Of Knowledge

Psalms  20 YAHWEH All YOUR Judgments Are Truth

Psalms  21 On The Righteous Bestows Freely YOUR Love

Psalms  22 YAHWEH, Righteousness Is YOURS

Psalms  23 Inner Strength Through YAHWEH's SetApart Spirit

Psalms  24 Spiritual Strength Of YAHWEH


O praise YAHWEH, all you nations:
 praise HIM, all you people.


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