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Word Of YAHWEH in Scripture

Scriptural Revelation

For whatsoever things were written aforetime
 were written for our learning,
 that we through patience and comfort
 of the Scriptures might have hope. 

The Olive Tree (Kennie Cagle)  

  • The Meaning Of The Olive Tree

  • The Fruitless Olive Tree

  • The Root

  • The Grafted Branches

  • YAHSHUA Is The Vine, YAHWEH Is The Husbandman

Stay in the Word of YAHWEH with James Baker

Like as MessiYah was raised up from the dead by the splendor of the ABBA, even so we also should walk in newness of life. 

All Scripture Is Given By Inspiration Of YAHWEH

The only thing that is able to make us wise unto yeshua is the written Word of YAHWEH, Scriptures. 

The Power Of YAHWEH's Light

The light of a man's life is the fellowship with ABBA YAHWEH and HIS SON, and that light is the light of YAHWEH's truth. 

The Great Day Of HIS Wrath On All Without The Seal of YAHWEH

So that YAHWEH's wrath may be proven and that we may escape, there must be a sealing of HIS house.

Humbleness And Favor In The Sight Of King YAHWEH

The saints must find unmerited favour in the eyes of YAHWEH through humbleness and a righteous spirit. 

YAHWEH Is Found Of Those That Seek HIM

Was your mind on yesterday or today given over to seeking YAHWEH's guidance and understanding on anything? 

Few Find The Truth Of YAHWEH: The Missing Books of Scripture

There is only one thing that reveals the strength and the power of ABBA (FATHER) YAHWEH and that is HIS truth.

We Must Be Led By The Ruach HaKodesh Of YAHWEH

Be led by the Spirit of YAHWEH, for it is only by the Ruach HaKodesh (Set Apart Spirit) of YAHWEH that the message of MESSIYAH is going to be preached.

The Significance Of The Mercy Seat Of YAHWEH

The mercy seat is a covering and a school master unto us to make us realize that we are sinners so that conviction starts working.

Scripture Reveals YAHWEH YAHSHUA The Truth

There is no truth or hope but what YAHSHUA MESSIYAH revealed unto us concerning HIS ABBA YAHWEH.

The Saints Of The Sovereign YAHWEH

Saints called according to YAHWEH's purpose, but in the time of testing we return back to our flesh for an answer instead of going to ABBA YAHWEH.

The Mind Of YAHWEH

Be Transformed By The Renewing Of Your Mind

YAHWEH Is The Preserver Of The Faithful

Our preserver YAHWEH has given us a great assurance

Reason Why Hearts Have Been Turned Away From YAHWEH

Conversion is a man's heart turning.

YAHWEH Identifies The Hidden Man Of The Heart

What is in the heart will always manifest

Blessed Are They That Hear The Word Of YAHWEH, And Keep It

Keeping of the Word of YAHWEH destroys the elements of darkness which are the powers that war against us.

Hear This, All You People; Give Ear  

If you intend to overcome, you must hear today for in that hearing it will prepare your heart.

Words Of Prophecy Of Yehezqel In Scripture  

For the prophecy came not in old time by the will of man: but SetApart men of YAHWEH spoke as they were moved by the SetApart Spirit.

YAHWEH's Truth The Missing Books of King James Scriptures

Men Have Handled YAHWEH's Word In Unrighteousness.

YAHWEH's Spirit of Truth Brings Power And Anointing

Unless there is a unction or a moving of YAHWEH's spirit, the men of YAHWEH will not be able to bring forth the Word of truth with power and anointing.

YAHWEH's Spirit of Endurance, Suffer Without Murmuring 

YAHWEH Is Going To Cleanse Us And Bathe Us In The Fire Of HIS Righteousness.

YAHWEH's Way; To Make Sure Your Prayers Are Being Heard

Without the truth of YAHWEH's Law dwelling in you, you cannot pray right.

Are Your Prayers Heard? YAHWEH Hears The Cry Of HIS People

YAHWEH did not hear their prayers for they did not know how to pray or who to pray to. 

Beloved, YAHWEH Loves Us, So Ought We To Love One Another 

Learn why there is so much hatred, animosity and opposition one with another.

YAHWEH Imparts By Preaching; Hold Fast To Sound Words

The spirit of Satan, the devil, has birthed things in the heart of those that will not keep the things that are pure, that which YAHWEH has imparted by preaching.

Few There Be That Shall Find YAHWEH's Straight & Narrow Way

Because they have rejected the truth, a sorcery spirit controls the hearts and the minds of men today.

The Manifestation Of Strength Of YAHWEH's Mighty Love

Love brings about a edification and the power of truth of YAHWEH, whereby it will literally be perfected in our hearts.

The Revelation Given Unto  Yochanan (John) By The ABBA (FATHER) YAHWEH

The Book of Yochanan (John) is one of the most intimate books in the scriptures.

A True Saint Of YAHWEH HAS An Honest And Sincere Heart

A true saint is sincere and without any kind of offense or any sin against YAHWEH, until the day of MESSIYAH.

Willing Heart To Obey, Keep The Commands Of YAHWEH   

See The Assembly Of YAHWEH

There is one true sign of a virtuous woman, also of the assembly of YAHWEH today, that is a willingness of heart to obey and keep the Commandments of ALL-MIGHTY YAHWEH.

YAHWEH Is Our Fountain Of Living Waters To Refresh Our Souls

When you have an intimacy with YAHWEH there will be a love or a sense of love that nothing can shatter that.

MESSIYAH YAHSHUA Prepared For Death; No Hope In This Life 

To prepare is to take care of every little single detail and make sure that you have all the things that are necessary for the duration.

YAHWEH's Law In Our Heart, Integrity Will Be Incorruptible

YAHWEH put HIS Law in our inward parts that it may be incorruptible, that we will be able to walk in integrity in the full anointing of HIS power.

YAHWEH Delights In The Prayer Of The Upright

There is a prayer of agony whereby the fervent fire of WHOM HE is will burn every dross and every vile thing that there is from your spirit and your heart.

YAHWEH's Is Reasonable: Present Your Body A Living Offering

Present you bodies to YAHWEH as a living offering and the only way that you can prove that which is SetApart, pure, perfect and acceptable will of YAHWEH is that we do that.

Who Owns You? Do You Truly Belong To The ABBA (FATHER) YAHWEH?

Do not hold anything back, because in holding back there is death creating a divide between you and the ABBA (FATHER) YAHWEH.

Grievous Wolves have Entered in the Night Season 

Yahweh Gives Assurance In This Night Season Against Grievous Wolves In Scriptures

YAHWEH Establish Our Hearts By Hearing Your Word 

YAHWEH's Clothing Of Your Soul 

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