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Sermons Preached to YAHWEH's Congregation
at Victory  Community In 2003

SIRACH 18:10:
Like a drop of water from the sea and a grain of sand so are a few years in the day of eternity.

Just take a moment in the time of eternity to read and listen.

YAHWEH's Unmerited Pure And True Favour Is Sufficient For Us  12/31 

 We need to be faithfully committed to YAHWEH, who saved us by HIS unmerited favour, and has blessed us with all spiritual blessings.

YAHSHUA The Authoritative Power To Say Keep My Commandments  12/24

Whatever YAHWEH commands us to do,  it is HIS power of dominion to influence that in a man's heart. HE does not give us commands that we can say I do not want to do that or it is not right.

From The Wickedness Comes Spirit Of Complaining, YAHWEH  12/20

This generation will not be corralled, they will not be instructed, it is a very bitter generation. It is one that is filled with hatred, dissimulation, emulation, spite, envy, lies and corruption.

YAHWEH, HIS NAME Is Forever And It Is To Be For A Memorial  12/17

 HE said in the beginning that YAHWEH IS HIS NAME and it was to be for a memorial.

YAHWEH Is Everlasting, For HE Has No Beginning Or No End  12/13

YAHWEH is everlasting and there are no numbers that you can equate with everlasting. For there was no beginning with YAHWEH.

Spirit Of YAHWEH's Anointing Causes You To Beware of Dogs  12/10

We are warned to beware of dogs, and a dog is a man with an impure mind that nothing about YAHWEH is pure to him. Beware means to observe, give heed, to guard, to protect yourself and keep watch to know what kind of spirit that you are dealing with.

Whosoever Shall Call On The NAME Of YAHWEH Shall Be Saved  12/03

 YAHWEH wants HIS people to call upon HIS NAME with a loud distinct voice and sincere cry knowing that HE is able to do all things.

You Can Love YAHWEH's NAME By HIS Spirit And HIS Anointing  11/29

It is only by YAHWEH's anointing and Spirit that you will love HIS NAME.

YAHWEH Can Cast Out The Spirit Of Blindness In The Land  11/26

The Word of YAHWEH is a beaming light that shines down and shows every vile and corrupt thing. We are just like Samson, he was a mighty man of great power and yet he lost his anointing though he did not even know that he had lost it.

The Revealed Truth In Our Hearts That YAHWEH Is Our SAVIOUR  11/22

YAHWEH has brought us forth as SONS that we may shine forth in HIS image and HIS anointing that is upon HIS people. The anointing of YAHWEH is HIS revealed truth in our hearts that we may have confidence and hope in that truth.

The Subjects Of KING YAHWEH Are Sealed Unto Eternal Life  11/19

The law says that once a king has his seal or signet on something it cannot be changed. That is the power of a king, when he places his seal upon any document then it has authenticity. YAHWEH is KING of all the earth and there must be a seal upon that which is HIS.

Who Owns You? Do You Truly Belong To The ABBA YAHWEH?  11/15

 We must have an assurance in our soul that we are no more our own but we have been bought with an eternal price. That is MESSIYAH dying for our sins and redeeming us from identifying with our own selves.

YAHWEH Service: Present Your Body As A Living Offering  11/08

 I beseech you therefore, brethren, by the mercies of YAHWEH, that you present your bodies a living offering, SetApart, acceptable unto YAHWEH, which is your reasonable service.

Scriptural Understanding and Revelation Of The NAME YAHWEH 11/05

There is document after document to confirm the NAME of our beloved ABBA (FATHER) YAHWEH, yet many think that it is too late to change.

YAHWEH's Sheep Hear HIS voice, For HE Calls Them By Name  11/01

YAHWEH'S sheep hear and know HIS voice and they will only follow HIM, not the strange emotions of their own conscious.

We Must Declare HIS Mighty Power, The Name Of ABBA YAHWEH  10/29

YAHWEH raised up Pharaoh to make HIS NAME known and to declare HIS mighty power so that there would be no question as to who had done this wonderful thing.

Only YAHWEH's People Will Give Honor Unto HIS NAME  10/25

YAHWEH took the dust of the earth and made man, still HE does not give honour unto HIS NAME. YAHWEH is worthy of all accolades of worship and we lift our voices to give all praise unto HIM.

Reject Not What YAHWEH Has Written In The Scriptures  10/22

The Enemy keeps you from the life of YAHWEH because you reject what is written in the scriptures.

YAHSHUA Loves And Declares The Truth Of ABBA YAHWEH's NAME  10/18

YAHSHUA came to declare the truth of the ABBA YAHWEH's NAME and to make it known unto HIS people. There were many hearers but they were not doers.

YAHWEH Deals With Sin And Corruption For Reproof Is Kind  10/11

YAHWEH is going to judge your heart and once HE begins to do that you will begin to understand truth. YAHSHUA MESSIYAH said if you continue in MY Word then will you know the truth.

Forward Spirit Of Jezebel Will Cause You To Forsake YAHWEH 10/04

The Jezebel spirit will cause you to forsake YAHWEH, to forget HIM because you will not allow wisdom to fill your heart; you will not allow the truth of YAHWEH to judge you and to show you.

Behold The Days Come Said Sovereign YAHWEH: Famine Of EliYah  10/01

The famine or the lack, will not be for bread or the thirst of water, but it will be for the hearing of the Words of YAHWEH. They shall go to and fro, from the east to the west and from the north to the south to simply hear a Word from ALMIGHTY YAHWEH.

YAHWEH Puts A Stumbling Block In Your Heart To Be Offended  09/27

The definition of offended is to put a stumbling block in the way on which another may trip and fall, to entice to sin, to cause a person to begin to distrust, to see in another what I disapprove of or to cause one to judge unfavorably or unjustly.

Restoration Of The NAME Of YAHWEH  09/24

The NAME of YAHWEH is like no other NAME for it brings about revelation. There must be a NAME for us to put our trust in, for there are many gods and many lords, but there is only one YAHWEH.

YAHWEH Is Our Fountain Of Living Waters To Refresh Our Souls 09/20

YAHWEH is our fountain of living water that can refresh the souls. YAHWEH brought the children of Yisrael through the wilderness where there was no water. And today, the living source of the well of life can never flow from your soul  because you are constantly smiting the ROCK.

Furnished And Complete, YAHWEH Touched Me And Made Me Whole  09/17

We believe that YAHWEH has made us in the image of HIS DEAR SON YAHSHUA that we may be furnished and complete in HIM.

The Power Of YAHWEH's Light  09/10

The beauty of YAHWEH's light is so pure that nothing can hide from that light. There is no persona of light in man today. His mind is filled with darkness, dark deeds and dark things.

YAHWEH's Congregation, Such As Should Be Saved  09/03

And YAHWEH added to the congregation daily such as should be saved. There is only one thing that YAHWEH is going to establish in the hearts of HIS children today and that is the Law of HIS righteousness that will bring about the strength whereby a man will yield and obey what HE commands.

If You Love YAHWEH, Keep HIS Commandments  08/30

Scriptures tell us that there is only one way that you are going to tell YAHWEH that you love HIM. When a man truly loves the ABBA, there is a love in his heart for HIM.

YAHWEH Is My Strength And The Horn Of My Sure Yeshua  08/27

YAHWEH's Word; Beloved, when I gave all diligence to write unto you of the common yeshua, it was needful for me to write unto you, and exhort you that you should earnestly contend for the faith which was once delivered unto the saints.

All Scripture Is Given By Inspiration Of YAHWEH  08/23

The only thing that is able to make us wise unto yeshua is the Scriptures. In sundry times YAHWEH spoke unto us by the prophets and now HE has given us a more excellent way, for HE speaks unto us by the volume of the BOOK. That is how YAHWEH is going to speak to man.

Fear Ye Not, Stand Still, And See The Yeshua Of YAHWEH  08/13

O YAHWEH, grant us YOUR yeshua. We must be lead by the Spirit of YAHWEH. The only way that we are going to have that great anointing is to fall in HIS presence and truly desire HIM above all things.

The Revelation Given Unto Yochanan By The ABBA YAHWEH 08/06

We See A SON Dealing With HIS ABBA (FATHER), YAHWEH. The Book of Yochanan (John) is one of the most intimate books in the scriptures.

The Power And The Authority By The NAME YAHWEH  08/02

In the New Covenant YAHSHUA confirmed that by the NAME of YAHWEH was HIS power of authority.

YAHSHUA Suffered The Sake of YAHWEH's NAME To Be Established 07/30

The Word sake means for the very purpose, the very cause and to the end. YAHSHUA came that the NAME of YAHWEH may be established.

YAHWEH Sent YAHSHUA To Bring Us Into Oneness With HIM 07/26

YAHSHUA was the manifestation of the Spirit and power of our great KING YAHWEH. YAHSHUA was the Word, for the Word was made flesh. We beheld the honour of the only begotten Son of YAHWEH.

YAHWEH's NAME Is The Power Of HIS Character 07/23

The more than you understand YAHWEH's NAME the more HIS attributes are manifested. Only those that are washed in the Blood of MESSIYAH and born again by HIS Spirit are the true Israelites.

FATHER YAHWEH's NAME Written In KJV 1611 07/19

Satan is a masterful technician and your flesh has no power to resist him. The only way any man is going to resist Satan is to submit himself unto the hand of YAHWEH. Submit yourself unto YAHWEH, resist Satan and he will flee for a season.

YAHWEH's NAME Is Excellent In All The Earth  07/16

O YAHWEH our Sovereign, how excellent is YOUR NAME in all the earth! who hast set YOUR honour above the heavens.

Yeshua Is Far From The Wicked: They Seek Not YAHWEH's Law 07/07

Seek the judgment of YAHWEH's Law lest yeshua be far from you. YAHWEH tells us that if we would just excel to do what HE tells us, that we would find HIS Way is very easy. It will not be that difficult and much easier than we expected.

YAHWEH's Word Warns; Returning to wallow 07/05

For I know this, that after MY departing shall grievous wolves enter in among you, not sparing the flock.

Beloved, YAHWEH Loves Us, So Ought We To Love One Another 07/02

If we love one another, YAHWEH dwells in us, and HIS love is perfected in us. The spiritual Law of YAHWEH brings about that power and the ability to resist darkness.

Receive The Profound Truth Of The NAME Of FATHER YAHWEH 06/28

You cannot explain truth, you can only receive it. Man has always tried to explain the NAME of YAHWEH.

The NAME Of FATHER YAHWEH Revealed Through The SON YAHSHUA 06/25

The Son YAHSHUA knew and acknowledged ABBA YAHWEH's NAME. Therefore HE had a strength and anointing. Man must walk in that to receive this anointed protection from ALMIGHTY YAHWEH.

The Name of YAHWEH Part 3  06/07

The NAME of YAHWEH is profound, honorable, reliable, trustworthy, powerful, sovereign, and omnipotent; therefore it is a SETAPART  NAME.

YAHWEH's NAME And HIS MIGHTY Saving Power Will Be Made Known 06/04

In the NAME of YAHWEH is HIS saving power, as it was in the beginning, so it is now for us today. YAHWEH's NAME was no different for Sha'ul than it was for David. YAHWEH answers by fire.

Learn Of ME And Call Upon My NAME, Saith FATHER YAHWEH  5/31

YAHWEH wants us to call upon HIM so that HE may talk to us each individually, but HE knows that in this flesh there is not a willingness to die.

Rejoice, Be Glad, Lift Up YAHWEH's NAME, It Is Everlasting  5/24

Bless YAHWEH and extol HIM who rides upon the heavens by HIS Name and rejoice before HIM forever. If YAHWEH'S name is on your lips, you will extol HIM.

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