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Yacob YAHWEH's Chosen One 

Yacob Called Yisrael

Two brothers, Yacob and Esau, hostile to each other, of two protagonists very dissimilar in their physical features as in their different vocations.

Yacob, the artful shepherd and Esau the loutish hunter

Yacob obtains the birthright from Esau, as Esau engages in unfortunate marriages.

The Theft By Yacob Of The Paternal Blessing Due To Esau

Yacob's mother enacts a plan to obtain the blessing of Yitschaq on Yacob, despite the consequences or reaction of Esau.

Flight, The Only Solution For Yacob

Yacob flees Esau to find a wife from among the daughters of his uncle Laban.

Yacob's Dream At Bethel

Explanation of Yacob's Ladder, the malakim of YAHWEH, as YAHWEH calls to HIMSELF those HE will send.

Yacob Puts Up A Stele Which He Names Beth-El

Yacob erects a stele unto YAHWEH and vows YAHWEH will be his Sovereign if HE feeds, clothes and keeps him safe to return to his father.

The Location Of Bethel

Bethel is the only halting place mentioned by the Scriptures during Yacob's long journey to Haran. 

Importance Of The Well As A Meeting Place

As is customary Yacob goes to the well near Haran to look for his uncle Laban, where he sees and falls in love with Rachel.

Details Of The Mohar

Yacob offers Rachel's father Laban work for seven years for her hand in marriage,  which is agreed upon, yet Laban tricks Yacob on his wedding night. 

The Sons Of Yacob

The social and spiritual thought governing the attribution of the names of Yacob's sons.

How Yacob Became Rich

Yacob desires to leave Laban, but agrees to stay until he has amassed substance for his family through a new agreement for part of the herd of sheep.

Yacob Leaves The Land Of The Fathers

YAHWEH instructs Yacob to return to the land of his father, which is received by his wives as acceptable to them due to their father's treatment.

A Treaty Between Yacob And Laban

Yacob and Laban make an agreement to stay separated and show reverence for his daughters and then the malak of YAHWEH appears to Yacob.

Exchange Of Messages Between Yacob And Esau

Yacob's Plan To Appease Esau's Anger as YAHWEH is working on the souls of men.

Yacob Wrestles With YAHWEH

No longer resistance to the Spirit of YAHWEH, Yisrael turns to YAHWEH and begins a real and living faith to carry out the will of YAHWEH.

The Two Brothers, Yacob and Esau Meet

Yacob sends gifts ahead to Esau, divides his remaining herds and approaches Esau for a surprise.

Towards The Promised Land

Yacob's herds found excellent pastureland, but as Shechem carried off Dinah and raped her, the tribe would decide to move on.

A Curious Ceremony Before The Departure From Shechem

Yacob was entirely transformed by his free adhesion to the Law of YAHWEH, to a living, fruitful faith, in accordance with YAHWEH's plan.

The Conclusion Of The Story Of Yacob

The history of Yisrael will continue with Yacob, although he could not have known that he would leave the Promised Land to die on the banks of the Nile.

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