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Sermons Preached to YAHWEH's Congregation at
       Victory Community In 2004

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The Significance Of The Mercy Seat Of YAHWEH  12/29

What does the mercy seat of YAHWEH stand for? Right away, in the beginning YAHWEH in the wilderness set up the mercy seat.

We Must Be Led By The Spirit Of YAHWEH  12/25

Only by the Qodesh Ruwach (Set Apart Spirit) of YAHWEH is the message of MESSIYAH going to be preached.

Few Find The Truth Of YAHWEH: The Missing Books of Scripture  12/22

There is only one thing that reveals the strength and the power of ABBA (FATHER) YAHWEH and that is HIS truth.

YAHWEH Is Found Of Those That Seek HIM  12/18

It is so pure when YAHWEH opens up a heart of a man to seek after truth. Men say that they seek truth, but there is a difference between seeking truth and reading about or hearing truth.

The Law Of The Spirit Of YAHWEH Battles The Law Of The Flesh  12/11

There is a battle of the spirit; a fleshly encroachment upon the Law of YAHWEH. The flesh will try to find loop holes around the pure things of YAHWEH.

YAHWEH To HIS People; The Origin And Etymology Of Names  12/8

If YAHWEH is a god, ought not HIS NAME be written in text like the other gods? If a god's name transfers the same from the Old Covenant to the New Covenant, ought not YAHWEH's NAME do the same?

YAHWEH Is Truth; Origin And Etymology Of Names  12/4

YAHWEH has granted unto us to know the truth of WHOM HE is. There are many gods in the earth today, but there is only one true CREATOR of the true Covenant with HIS people.

YAHWEH's Great And Exceeding Reward  11/27

The Word of YAHWEH tells us how to be kept, to receive YAHWEH's great and exceeding reward.

YAHWEH's Word; Will You Continue In It? 11/24

There are things that YAHWEH wants us to continue in. We need to continue to have a mind set and heart to endure so we do not become thrown off track.

Is The Word of YAHWEH Real In Your Heart Today  11/20

Is the Word of YAHWEH real in your heart today or are you trusting in the arm of flesh? ABBA (FATHER) YAHWEH is our strength to endure every obstacle and wile that Satan tries to bring against us and to take away YAHWEH's precious Word.

YAHWEH'S Word; Hear This, All Ye People; Give Ear  11/17

YAHWEH saith unto the assembly "He that hath an ear, let him hear what the Spirit saith". The problem is that we do not have a spiritual ear to hear what thus says YAHWEH.

Grievous Wolves Have Entered In The Night Season   11/13

There is such a spirit of man in this hour that the only thing that Scriptures can identify it with is the spirit of a wolf.

Stony Ground Cannot Receive The Pure Word Of YAHWEH  11/10

The hour that we are living in is an hour of such stoniness. The thing that prevents the growth in the hearts of YAHWEH'S people is that their hearts have become implacable, very hard and stony hearts.

YAHWEH Hatest All Workers Of Iniquity   11/06

The world will say that YAHWEH hates the deeds of the wicked, but YAHWEH says that He hates the workers of iniquity.

Commandment: Be You SetApart As YAHWEH Is SetApart   11/03

YAHWEH's NAME is a profound manifestation of the ABBA (FATHER). Have faith in what MESSIYAH has done, that HE is the Word of YAHWEH, and it will give us the assurance in the hope of what yeshua is.

YAHWEH Delights In The Prayer Of The Upright   10/30

A forward heart is one that loves to speak and has no control in their life. An upright man is sincerely devoted to what he is doing and it is real in his life. Such as are upright in their way are YAHWEH's delight.

YAHWEH's Law in our heart, integrity will be incorruptible   10/27

Integrity is a spirit that is incorruptible. Because we do not have true integrity we do not trust YAHWEH or one another. We do not have innocence so we do not even trust our own heart. We know that it is easily corruptible.

MESSIYAH YAHSHUA Prepared For Death; No Hope In This Life   10/23

To prepare is to take care of every little single detail and make sure that you have all the things that are necessary for the duration. We as saints of YAHWEH know that it is eminent, it will come, so we should be prepared and ready to die. The reason we do not make the genuine preparation is because death is not a reality to us, therefore we do not think it is necessary.

YAHWEH's Word Tells Of This Ninth Hour Of Darkness   10/16

When you forsake the Law of YAHWEH and what HE says then you and your house are forsaken. When something is forsaken it is totally abandoned. Something that is abandoned there is no light in it. MESSIYAH, the light must live in our earthen vessels in order to keep it cleansed.

YAHSHUA MESSIAH'S Hope Was In The Written Word Of YAHWEH  10/13

In the most cataclysmic trial in YAHSHUA MESSIYAH'S life HIS only hope was in what was written. HE did not draw strength from anything but what was written. That is the only thing in this hour that we have to battle against the very onslaught hell. That onslaught is the power of darkness being thrust down from above these heavens to destroy every identity that is of YAHWEH.

Most Abominable Evil; Denial Forgetting YAHWEH's Laws   10/09

When a man forgets the Law of YAHWEH he opens up his heart, his house and his nation to every abominable thing that there is.

Chosen And Elected According to Predestination of YAHWEH   10/07

Predestination is YAHWEH's own election and power to choose. It is YAHWEH showing the power of HIS sovereign might. YAHWEH showing HIS power to choose, to pick, to elect whomever. Showing that HE is the MIGHTY ONE.

YAHWEH Is Our REDEEMER  YAHSHUA Is Our Hope Of Redemption10/02

YAHSHUA'S offering at the latter end would be sufficient to identify our REDEEMER and WHO our hope is in. YAHSHUA was the atonement and offering unto YAHWEH that pleased HIM. The goats, bullocks, heifers and the turtledoves, not any of that pleased YAHWEH.

Curse Of YAHWEH Is Knowledge Light Of HIS Presence Removed   9/29

The curse of YAHWEH is when the knowledge and the light of HIS presence is removed from a man. There is no fear or reverence of the power of ALMIGHTY YAHWEH. He cannot sense the honour of YAHWEH dwelling in his heart. His mind is removed from the laws, statutes, ordinances of YAHWEH's truth.

YAHWEH Brings Demise Of The Nation: The Seed Of Death   9/25

The seed of death is when the counsel of one is to do diametrically against what YAHWEH commands. When a nation despises and speaks evil against the NAME of YAHWEH, that is the death of the nation. You cannot reject it when YAHWEH brings you into the light of the clear understanding of who HE is. This nation and the nations of the world are dying.

Only By Hearing Of YAHWEH's Word Will We Have Full Assurance   9/22

We can die with the assurance in YAHWEH's Word that as MESSIYAH was resurrected by the power and the spirit of YAHWEH, so shall we be resurrected as well. YAHWEH has given us hope through YAHSHUA, that HE suffered every affliction that there is for us to suffer.

Warning Unto The House Of YAHWEH; Judgment The Just Reward  9/18

Judgment is the just reward and the just decision that YAHWEH has already made. Because of man's unrighteous desires, he has began to pervert judgment. Judge before you allow anything to enter into your mind. This is the warning unto the house of YAHWEH. The demise and destruction of any nation is when righteous judgment is lost and has no power.

YAHWEH Warns: Two Sore Evils That Cause Demise In The Nation   9/16

Four principles of the demise of a nation; they change YAHWEH's judgment, they change HIS statutes, they refuse the judgment of YAHWEH and  they refuse the statutes of ALMIGHTY YAHWEH. The statutes are YAHWEH's limitations, for HE tells you how far you can go and how not to go. 

YAHWEH Warns Of The Demise That Will Overtake A Nation   9/11

It was the Spirit, the breathe of YAHWEH that was breathed into Adam that brought animation. HE began to move in him, to walk in him and have his activities in that precious pristine garden that YAHWEH had created for man to have authority and rule to live there. Once man moved away from the spirit of truth the demise of man entered into that garden.

The Great Day Of HIS Wrath On All Without The Seal of YAHWEH   9/04

The seal of YAHWEH is living viable hope. The word seal as defined in the Hebrew and Greek Lexicon as to prove whether something is real, false or surreal, or the reality, to confirm, to attest a thing, hence to confirm the authenticity of something. A seal places something beyond doubt and to prove ones testimony. Thus in Revelation 7 the malak of YAHWEH came to prove or seal those that were truly the servants of YAHWEH.

YAHWEH's Word Tells OF Those That Sleep In The Night   9/01

In order for us to prepare for the coming of YAHSHUA MESSIYAH we must be very diligent. We must be very watchful in this hour. That our minds and our spirits are sharp. That our minds are given over unto the Spiritual Law of YAHWEH.

YAHWEH Promises Deliverance To Those That Trust In HIM   8/28

We know that through the hope of YAHSHUA there is yeshua, free pardon from our sins. WE have been cleansed, washed and separated for HIS purpose. That is what it is all about, that we may serve the ABBA (FATHER) with a sincere heart. Our desire above all things ought to be to please HIM.

YAHWEH's Comforting Rod And Staff   8/25

Do you believe that this is a generation that needs the comforting of YAHWEH? We all agree that we need comfort, so we must find out what scriptures tells us of the comforting of YAHWEH and where does it come from. When the Word of YAHWEH does not produce fruit it is because you cannot find the life of the hope in that word.

YAHWEH Gives Examples Of Waxed Fat And Forward Mouth   8/21

When you wax fat you begin to be lazy and without mobility. You will not give yourself over unto activities that hewn your spiritual abilities; you will not want to pray or fast. There are those that are not physically big yet they are fat because they are lazy. They are trifling, sorry and there is no willingness, motivation or yearning.

Willing Heart To Obey, Keep The Commands Of YAHWEH   8/18

One true sign of a virtuous woman, also of the assembly of YAHWEH today, is a willingness of heart to obey and keep the Commandments of ALMIGHTY YAHWEH. When a man has that willingness that he has purposed in his heart, that he concur with what YAHWEH says, he will obey it without any distractions in his life.

YAHWEH Is The Lamp That Lightens The Spirit Of Darkness   8/14

Everything that we do in the natural carnal man brings darkness and death, but the Law of YAHWEH is spiritual. It is only the spiritual things of YAHWEH that brings the light of life into man's soul. So when a man is devoid of the light of YAHWEH, there is a darkness that consumes him.

A True Saint Of YAHWEH HAS An Honest And Sincere Heart   8/11

The mark of a true saint of YAHWEH is that you are sincere and without any kind of offense or any sin against YAHWEH, until the day of MESSIYAH. Sincere is free of dissimulation, guile, wickedness, without deceit, pure, honest, free from adultery, genuineness, no falseness, whole hearted and unfeigned in our love.

Take Heed Unto Yourselves   8/07

Saints, this is a time that we must know where we stand and WHO's side that we are on, for there is no in between. You are either on Satan's side or you are on the side of ABBA YAHWEH. Take good heed therefore unto yourselves, that ye love YAHWEH your ABBA.

The Manifestation Of Strength Of YAHWEH's Mighty Love   8/04

We must love YAHWEH with all of our mind, soul and strength and we do that by conducting ourselves in a manner that is pleasing unto HIM. Love brings about a edification and the power of Truth of YAHWEH, whereby it will literally be perfected in our hearts.

YAHWEH's Word Tells Us Why We Have A Seared Conscience   7/31

This is a generation that has a conscience that has been seared with a hot iron, in that sin and corruption brings no conviction at all. We as a people tend to justify our conversation, our guile and evil corrupt hearts. We tell ourselves that it is alright and we are deceiving ourselves, for it is not alright. We are consumed with world affairs, the world of iniquity, the world of carnal, fleshly desires.

Beware: Forgetting YAHWEH, Causes A Famished and Lean Spirit   7/24

There is no profound revelation today, because we are not hearing what the Spirit is speaking by the mind of the ABBA (FATHER). We eat until our bellies are full, of the natural things, so that is not the leanness that YAHWEH is referring to. YAHWEH senses a leanness in our souls and there is a reason why YAHWEH has sent that leanness. 

The Weapons Of YAHWEH's Warfare Are Spiritual Not Carnal   7/17

How do you know that you are battling in the carnal and not Spiritual? Scripture warns us of the things of the flesh and how to strengthen our armour and weapons of YAHWEH's warfare in the spiritual.

The Comforter Spirit Of YAHWEH Brings Revelation Of Truth   7/14

YAHWEH'S revelation truth comes through the Spirit of the Comforter. The Comforter Spirit that MESSIYAH prayed to the ABBA YAHWEH for was YAHWEH'S Qadash Ruwach (Holy Spirit). YAHSHUA prayed that YAHWEH'S Qadash comforting Spirit would be with us and it is vitally important that we be filled with the Qadash Ruwach of YAHWEH.

Few There Be That Shall Find YAHWEH's Straight Narrow Way   7/10

There is only going to be a very small number, a few, that are going into the kingdom of YAHWEH. Yochanan, (John)  in Revelation speaks of a great multitude, which no man could number, yet unto YAHWEH, "There be many created, but few shall be saved." What Yochanan was saying is that there was a multitude that you could not put a definite number to it.

YAHWEH Imparts By Preaching; Hold Fast To Sound Words   7/08

The power of preaching of YAHWEH's Word imparts in our lives fruit of the Spirit. You can see and sense the fruit. Do you know what the power of sorcery and apostasy does to the heart and the mind? It is of the same spirit as Satan, the devil, for he birthed things in the heart of those that will not keep the things that are pure, that YAHWEH has imparted by preaching.

YAHWEH Warns: Judgment On The Spirit Of Idolatry Whoredom   7/03

The Spirit reveals what is truth. The judgment is going to be the death of the great whore. Scripture calls her a great whore, for she is splendid in gala, pomp and circumstance that none can rival her. In this end time we must understand the power and strength of this whore. We must understand her character and what spirit it is that produces the seed of a whore.

Apostasy Denies The True Doctrines Of YAHWEH's Word   6/26

When one is walking in apostasy they deny and turn their heart away from true doctrine and will look after ones that will satisfy their own fleshly lust. One that is walking in error, even in their ignorance, not understanding or knowing it will cause them to think spiritually, it will cause them to begin to discern whether they truly have what they believe that they possess.

Purpose Of MESSIYAH: Offered Up To Cleanse Our Conscious   6/23

There is only one NAME that is identified with the yasha' of YAHWEH. That is YAHSHUA, which means YAHWEH saves. The eternal Spirit of YAHWEH led YAHSHUA to that place that HE would be given up for the offering of us all. That it would cleanse our conscious of all sins and condemnations of sin so that we would not have guilt of sin that we may truly serve YAHWEH.

Are Your Prayers Heard? YAHWEH Hears The Cry Of HIS People   6/19

The most profound prayer was on the day of Pentecost. That was a similitude of the prayer of MESSIYAH in the garden of Gethsemane. In that prayer is the very witness that HE came to witness, the ABBA (FATHER) was revealed. You must have the Qodesh Ruwach which is the Holy Spirit of YAHWEH to pray to the ABBA.

How To Make Sure Your Prayers Are Being Heard   6/12

Without the truth of YAHWEH's Law dwelling in you, you cannot pray right. Your prayers are not even heard. They are an abomination unto YAHWEH. We need to get to that place that we know that our prayers are being heard by ALMIGHTY YAHWEH. MESSIYAH taught the disciples how to pray. HE was the one that opened the door unto the ABBA (FATHER). YAHWEH's NAME must be exalted in the midst.

The Gentile Shall Know And Receive The Great NAME Of YAHWEH   6/09

YAHWEH said HE would open up the profound revelation to the Gentles so they would know HIS NAME. YAHWEH raised up Saul for a specific thing to take the Word to the Gentiles, to the heathens of the earth, That they may know the authority and power of the ABBA'S NAME. 

The Testimony Of MESSIYAH Is That The Seal Of YAHWEH Is True   6/05

The testimony of YAHSHUA was of the authority of the power of YAHWEH. The power of the ABBA (FATHER) was to HIS exaltation, the power of HIS kingdom and the might of HIS strength. That is why YAHSHUA said HE would not leave us comfortless but HE would pray unto the ABBA. 

The Hope of YAHWEH our HUSBANDMAN   6/02

Do you still have the hope of the HUSBANDMAN ABBA (FATHER) YAHWEH still coming? HE is coming for HIS bride, a faithful bride. If we are the Sons of ABBA YAHWEH and waiting for our HUSBANDMAN, HE should be our strength, our peace, our hope and our all in all. What else do we have?

Sin Separates From Understanding Of True Worship Of YAHWEH   5/29

We must understand how to truly offer up oblations of Worship unto YAHWEH. YAHWEH must identify HIMSELF in a way that we have confidence in HIS testimony and what HE has done. This is a generation that has not perceived whom YAHWEH is. To know someone is to perceive and to perceive is to understand them. That is to fall before HIM, to bow down, to honor, to acknowledge and to call upon HIM in a personal way.

Praise Always and Forever, All Is Unto The FATHER YAHWEH   5/26

YAHWEH is the same yesterday, today and forever. HIS attributes never change and HIS Law never changes. THEY do not save us, for it is the assurance that we receive of the manifestation of the Law in the body of MESSIYAH that gives us the hope that we know what our sins are. That is what the Law does. It shows us our sins.

 Our ABBA YAHWEH'S Great NAME, Brings Forth Abundant Fruit   5/22

ABBA YAHWEH'S Word shows us the reason there is very little fruit in our life. MESSIYAH talked about the sowing of seed, the Word of faith, the Word of strength and hope. HE said that which is sown on good ground. HE makes a difference between good ground and bad ground that brings forth fruit abundantly.

YAHWEH Has Peculiar People SetApart For Particular Service   5/19

MESSIYAH came as the purchased price to secure a peculiar people unto the ABBA (FATHER) YAHWEH. A peculiar people are an oddball people, a people that do not walk like the norm of society, a special people. They are different nor do they act like the world, they are so unique that there is only one house like that and it is the chosen elect people of YAHWEH. 

YAHWEH's Royal Priest Bring An Offering Of Praise Unto HIM   5/15

We are identified as a YAHWEH'S royal ka hunnah (priesthood) and we must have on the clothing of a  kohen (priest). The royal clothing that is required of a kohen (priest) is his mitre, his breastplate, his phylacteries, his helmet and his feet shod for he has on the garment of YAHWEH. The phylacteries that the kohen (priest) usually wears on his arm YAHWEH has now put it in our hearts.

HIS Servants Extol HIS NAME Yahweh   5/12

YAHWEH intends for HIS servants to extol HIS NAME above the heights of the heavens that they may bring honour and great exaltation to HIM, to make known as to who HE is. What a wonderful hour and time that YAHWEH has granted unto us to be in to bring forth witness of HIS profound truth and the integrity of HIS NAME, for HIS NAME is above all names.

YAHWEH Is The Key of Knowledge to Understand Scripture   5/08

Unless a man is lead by the spirit of YAHWEH he will not understand scripture, the plan, the will and the purpose of the ABBA (Father). If YAHWEH does not lead that man then he has no understanding of the profoundness of YAHWEH's truth. Everything that we have learned or been handed down has been done by the traditions of men. 

YAHWEH's Scripture Reveal The Truth That Yahweh is Our Savior   5/05

We have been trained by our traditions that YAHSHUA was the SAVIOUR when in fact HE was the hope and assurance of our SAVIOUR YAHWEH. We cannot do things according to our feelings and our traditions, for feelings are going to damn more people into hell than anything upon the face of the earth. Open your hearts to a new light as scripture reveals the truth of our SAVIOUR and who HE is!!! 

Take Not The Name Written In Our Foreheads, YAHWEH In Vain   5/01

Do you not realize that YAHWEH'S NAME is so important that HE commanded us not to take it in vain? YAHWEH is a very important and valuable NAME to us for we shall be sealed with that name written in our foreheads. That shall be the strength in our minds when the forces of hell are unleashed against the inhabitants of this earth. We shall have a delight in the will of YAHWEH and we will know the one that we serve.

YAHWEH Tells Us To Be Not Weary Of Heart   4/28

Carnal things motivate the natural mind, for the Law of YAHWEH does not govern it. In this hour Satan is working his work to seduce the minds of this emotional generation. That is why we must have the mind of MESSIYAH and sow to the Spirit whereby that living well will erupt in our souls constantly.

The TORAH (Law) Of YAHWEH Keeps From HIS Curse   4/24

When a man rejects the TORAH of YAHWEH he accrues the curse of YAHWEH on him. Then woe unto him for his house is cursed, his children are cursed and everything he touches is cursed. This generation is in haste to do things without receiving the warnings of YAHWEH and because they are a presumptuous generation they have brought about the cursed things upon them. 

An Impenitent Heart Rejects The Law And YAHSHUA   4/17

An impenitent heart is one which cannot repent and does the same things over and over.  YAHWEH has laws to show you how wrong you are, where you have fallen and where you need to get back.  We have sinned and transgressed repeatedly without consciousness or knowledge of our sins and YAHWEH never intended for that to be. When a man sins, because of YAHWEH's longsuffering, he will not commit that sin again.

YAHWEH Commands Cleanse Yourselves Of The Accursed Thing   4/14

Until the house of Yisrael had confessed and cleansed themselves of the accursed thing YAHWEH's wrath was kindled against them. We exalt YAHWEH to identify HIM as who HE is and when we do that there is a spiritual awaking inside us. When one cannot do that there is a darkness that holds him to his flesh and he cannot get beyond the limitations set by his flesh. We must begin to walk in the spirit and there is a Law of the Spirit.

The Testimony Of MESSIYAH Brings Confidence Toward YAHWEH   4/10

There are so many corrupt identities for the testimony of MESSIYAH today that we cannot even identity HIM in HIS purest form. MESSIYAH'S birth was out of the tribe of Judah, which denotes a Hebrew lineage, not Latin or Greek. What a profound thing that YAHWEH did to bring a spiritual light to the law that the Levites could not do because of their sin. For the Levites had corrupted the order of the prescribed Law Of YAHWEH by adding their own dimension and done things that were contrary to the Laws of YAHWEH.

Dragon Made War With Saints That Keep YAHWEH's Commandments   4/07

The total onslaught of the beast dragon is going to be against the saints of YAHWEH that keep HIS Commandments. That is the main reason that man does not teach the Commandments of YAHWEH and why they despise the NAME of YAHWEH. 

What separates us from the pure law of YAHWEH?   4/03

There is a cry that is going to come from the people of YAHWEH and it is one that is going to be the same because as the magnitude of terror and troubles begins to surmount in the world today there is only one hope for the people that truly know YAHWEH. 

YAHWEH's Pesach, Where HE Puts HIS NAME Now And Forever   3/27

We keep the Pesach (Passover) in MESSIYAH because YAHWEH put HIS NAME in YAHSHUA and it is through HIS blood that we are kept. There is a memorial of YAHWEH in written scripture to stir up our pure mind by way of remembrance. 

Call Upon Power And Fullness Fulfilled In The NAME Of YAHWEH   3/24

He that loveth another has fulfilled the Law. YAHWEH we desire to exalt YOU above the heights of the heavens. We come in YOUR NAME to lift YOU up, to praise YOU and to worship YOU in the spirit of truth. That is the life of YOUR Law, YOUR righteousness, YOUR commandments and the breath dwelling deep in our souls, which gives us joy, peace and comfort. 

To Love YAHWEH With All Of Our Mind, Soul And Strength   3/20

Many truly do not know what the love of YAHWEH is, how to love HIM or show HIM love. Love is an action or deed shown unto the one or thing, when there is a great admiration in your heart toward that one or thing. When a man says he truly loves the ABBA (FATHER), there ought to be action and deeds there.

Turn You At MY Reproof As The TORAH (Law) Of YAHWEH Judges Us  3/13

The TORAH of YAHWEH must bring the flesh under subjection, to a rule and authority. Faith cometh by hearing so ABBA (FATHER) YAHWEH, open our ears that we may hear what YOU have to say. Strengthen us in YOUR power, that we may be ready for the torrent pace that is set ahead of us, the trials, the tribulations and the afflictions that shall truly test the identity of who we are, who we serve and what is our purpose.

Spirit of Endurance, Yahweh Brings Strength   3/10

When someone endures they suffer without murmuring or complaining. It is a very simple thing that is needed in the hearts of HIS people to bring them to the strength of endurance. We must be certain in this hour to endure the trials and temptations that shall try us.

What Does Chosen and the Elect of Yahweh Mean?   3/06

YAHWEH has chosen by the foolishness of preaching to save them that believe the revelation of YAHSHUA MESSIYAH. MESSIYAH said "For whosoever shall do the will of MY ABBA (FATHER) which is in heaven, the same is MY brother, and sister, and mother." You were not chosen by MESSIYAH. You were chosen by YAHWEH before the foundations of the earth were ever made. You were chosen in HIM before you were ever thought of.

To Blaspheme YAHWEH Is To Speak And Revile Against HIS NAME   3/03

It is written, whosoever curseth YAHWEH shall bear his sins and he that blasphemes the NAME of YAHWEH shall be put to death. When a man begins to speak against the NAME of the only true creator and he begins to speak reviling language, he will actually curse HIM and say HIS NAME is not appropriate.

YAHWEH's Spirit of Truth Brings Power And Anointing   2/25

The men of YAHWEH will not be able to speak in the spirit of truth with power and anointing, unless there is an unction or a moving of YAHWEH's spirit,. And unless we have anointed men preaching, we the saints of YAHWEH will not be able to hear. 

Fear The NAME Of YAHWEH, The Sun Of Righteousness Will Arise   2/21

YAHWEH tells us what HE will do to the nation that does not fear the NAME of YAHWEH. When you lift up your nose with pride and trust in the arm of flesh, YAHWEH will destroy you. The calamity comes suddenly upon a naughty man with a wicked mouth and full of arrogance. 

YAHSHUA The MASTER BUILDER The Sure Foundation   2/18

What man starts to build a house and not count up the cost? Lest at anytime, after he hath laid the foundation, and is not able to finish it, then all that behold it begin to mock him. Your spiritual house must be built on a sure foundation. YAHSHUA is that foundation.

YAHWEH's Redemption Plan, The True And Faithful Witness   2/14

Tehillim (Psalms) 145:21 "My mouth shall speak the praise of YAHWEH: and let all flesh bless HIS SetApart NAME for ever and ever." This is a requirement of YAHWEH. A living soul will communicate with YAHWEH and a dead soul has no life. When your soul is alive, you can extract from the law. We drink from a living water, which the ABBA (FATHER) invests in us, to keep our soul alive.

Delight In The Torah Of YAHWEH After The Inward Man   2/11

For YAHWEH is a great King, and all Kings have laws. These laws are the discipline of HIS people. Those that do justly and desire to be in the presence of YAHWEH, speaketh the truth in their hearts. The truth is a firmness, faithfulness, sureness and a reliability in their inward parts.

YAHWEH Is More Than Able To Keep Us Through HIS OWN NAME   2/07

There is no love or desire for the pure things of YAHWEH for his desires are the desires of the world. This is a vile, greedy, selfish generation and there has never been one like this one. YAHWEH is going to have to destroy that element before HE can ever restore the power of HIS excellence in this earth that HE intended when HE created it. Yeshua Is In No Other Name But YAHWEH. 

YAHWEH's Will: Not Of Works But Of HIS Choosing   2/04

ABBA (FATHER) YAHWEH calling and choosing us sent this purchased REDEEMER to give us hope and assurance. We are not able to come to the ABBA YAHWEH or MESSIYAH YAHSHUA unless the ABBA draw us.

Understanding The Zeal of True Worship Of FATHER YAHWEH   1/31

YAHWEH created man to exalt HIM and to reverence HIM so that when HE came in the cool of the day he might know that this is the MIGHTY ONE the CREATOR of all things. What men offer today is not worship for they draw from their pagan traditions and their religious experiences so there must be an emptying out of the vessel.


Do you know who your REDEEMER is? Do you truly know ABBA YAHWEH and HIS NAME? Are your prayers not being answered? Maybe you are calling on a lord or god!! Pray that the ABBA remove the scales from your eyes that you may see the truth for we believe in an everlasting ABBA YAHWEH

YAHWEH Calls An Abomination Seven Unclean Spirits   1/17

This generation cannot discern what is right and wrong, because of the abomination of the seven unclean spirits that have entered in. It is written, it shall be also unto this wicked generation. In the previous generation, there was some kind of morals and gravity, whereby they knew right from wrong. YAHWEH is not a Word only for yesterday, it is a present word. It is always a very present help in time of trouble.

True Anointing of YAHWEH Will Bring That Excellent Oil   1/14

YAHWEH Fresh Anointing, the Excellent Oil Of YAHWEH Is Strength. There is only one true anointing and it comes by the will of  ABBA (FATHER) YAHWEH. We are not going to receive that until men began to obey YAHWEH. Satan has sent a delusion or has brought this delusion by the permissiveness of the will of YAHWEH. It is because of the sin and corruption of the people that there is no demonstration of the true anointing of YAHWEH.

Is FATHER YAHWEH's NAME Written In Your Heart?   1/10

When a man gets ABBA YAHWEH'S NAME written in his heart the perfect Law will keep him from sin. You had better have something to govern your soul, to let you know what you are doing so that you can stay away from wicked things. In the Law you find life and death. When a man will not do what the Laws say he will be destroyed. Tehillim (Psalms) 19:7 "The Law of YAHWEH is perfect, converting the soul."

Yahweh's Truth Missing Books Of The King James Scriptures   1/07

Man cannot hide YAHWEH's truth concerning the missing books of the King James Scriptures. YAHWEH's Word is given for knowledge and understanding. MESSIYAH came to reveal the power of ALMIGHTY YAHWEH as a memorial that HIS NAME would be remembered and always bring our minds and thoughts into focus on HIM.

YAHWEH's Spirit Will SetApart By YAHWEH's Truth   1/03

YAHWEH hath from the beginning chosen you to yeshua through SetApart Pureness of the Spirit and belief of YAHWEH's truth: What is truth in the things appertaining to YAHWEH and the duties of man that will SetApart? Truth is a personal excellence that candor and sharpness of mind that is free from affection, pretense, stimulation, falsehood and deceit. It is firmness, faithfulness, sureness, reliability, stability and continuance.

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