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Maccabees: The History Of YAHWEH's
Valiant Men

Maccabees - Sefer ha-Makabim

Maccabees Book 3; What YAHWEH Did

Chapter 1.  YAHWEH's People Fill Temple With Cries And Tears

YAHWEH's people entreated the Supreme Yahweh for aid.

Chapter 2. A Courageous Spirit 

Act Firmly With A Courageous Spirit And Do No Depart From Faith In YAHWEH.

Chapter 3.  Kings Letter; Jews Must Suffer The Sure And Shameful Death That Befits Enemies 

YAHWEH's People Worshipped Yahweh And Conducted Themselves By HIS Law

Chapter 4. A Mind Alienated From The Truth Of YAHWEH

With A Harsh And Ruthless Spirit Were YAHWEH's People Being Sent Off

Chapter 5. They Praised The Manifest Yahweh, King of Kings 

They All Prayed YAHWEH Avert With Vengeance The Evil Plot

Chapter 6. True Yahweh Revealed HIS Holy Face 

Elder Priest Directs Prayer To Almighty Yahweh Most High

Chapter 7. Supreme Yahweh Perfectly Performs Great Deeds

King Sends Letter Confirming Release And Wrongdoings

Maccabees Book 4; YAHWEH's Valiant Men

Chapter 1. Devout Reason Is Sovereign Over The Emotions

This Wisdom Is Essential To Everyone Who Is Seeking Knowledge

Chapter 2. YAHWEH Fashioned Man With A Mind As Sacred Governor

Reason Is Proven To Rule Over Every Desire

Chapter 3. Reason Is An Antagonist To The Emotions

Reason Can Provide A Way For Us Not To Be Enslaved By Desire

Chapter 4. Violation Of Yahweh's Law/Deliverance From Heaven

People Implored YAHWEH In The Temple To Shield The Holy Place

Chapter 5. Tyrant Tries To Compel Yahweh's People To Eat Pork And Food Sacrificed To Idols

Will Yahweh Excuse You From Any Transgression That Arises Out Of Compulsion?

Chapter 6. Resisted To Death For The Sake Of Yahweh's Law

He Amazed Even His Torturers By His Courageous Spirit

Chapter 7. Only The Wise And Courageous Man Is Master Of His Emotions

 Attend To The Faith With A Whole Heart, Trust In Yahweh

Chapter 8. A Love For Wisdom In Accordance With Devout Reason

Contemptuous Of The Emotions And Sovereign Over Agonies

Chapter 9. Courageous Brotherhood Enduring Torture For Sake Of The Faith

For The Prize Of Virtue, They Endure Suffering To Be With YAHWEH

Chapter 10. Righteous Training And Virtue, All For The Sake Of Yahweh

Yahweh Hears And Brings Everlasting Life Of The Meek

Chapter 11. Hold Fast To Righteous Reason Of YAHWEH's Law

The Faith Of Knowledge Of YAHWEH's Law

Chapter 12. Call On YAHWEH Of Our Fathers

By Dying Nobly Fulfilled Their Service To YAHWEH

Chapter 13. Devout Reason Is Sovereign Over The Emotions Through Faith In YAHWEH

Endured For The Sake Of Faith In YAHWEH

Chapter 14. Young Men Faced Death Through Faith Of YAHWEH's Righteous Reason

Defend YAHWEH Even To The Death With The Same Mind As Abraham

Chapter 15. Love Faith That Preserves Eternal Life According To Yahweh's Promise

 Motherly Love Disregarded All Because Of Faith In YAHWEH

Chapter 16. Those Who Die For The Sake Of YAHWEH Live In YAHWEH

You Ought To Endure Any Suffering For The Sake Of YAHWEH

Chapter 17. Yahweh Brings Courage Of Virtue And Endurance

Reverence for YAHWEH And Courage Of Faith In YAHWEH

Chapter 18. Even though you go through the fire, the flame shall not consume you

Many are the afflictions of the righteous

Therefore now let your hands be strengthened, and be ye valiant

The Hebrew word for Maccabees is Sefer ha-Makabim.

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