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YAHWEH's Victory Community Looking Into The Dead Sea Scrolls

 Not that we are sufficient of ourselves to think anything as of ourselves; but our sufficiency is of YAHWEH;

We here at YAHWEH's Victory Community would like to share with the saints of YAHWEH everywhere some of the research and profound aspects of a project that has brought a deeper meaning to many of the words of YAHWEH. Many have heard about or maybe even read the documents called the Dead Sea Scrolls, yet something so wonderful has been brought to light by YAHWEH concerning these works. It is hard sometimes to share the excitement and amazement of simple things that YAHWEH can quicken in your heart, but that is exactly what we would like to do. One of our brothers here on the community was led of YAHWEH to attempt to research, document and share with all, the powerful information stored in the Dead Sea Scrolls. The labor of his love and expertise follows on these pages for your reading, enjoyment and hopefully edification of your spirit through YAHWEH's unmerited favor HE sheds on all HIS people.

A Remnant To Preserve YAHWEH's NAME

The world today is spiraling along a predestined course with the reward of their sowing of much wickedness. It is very easy to be caught in the flowing stream of buying, selling and desiring much of what the lust of the world has to offer. The options of righteous media is almost impossible to find, everything the world offers the children entices them to partake of pure filth and wickedness and even our so called "religious giants" appear to be falling to temptations. In the midst of all this, as always, YAHWEH has brought out from among the devastation a remnant to preserve HIS NAME and purity of HIS Word and endeavoring to keep the unity of the faith not overcome by this religious spirit in this hour.

YAHWEH Has Never Forsaken Us Or Left Us Comfortless

YAHWEH's Spirit leads and guides HIS called out assemblies in all things. We have examples in YAHWEH's Word for our learning. We have YAHWEH's Torah and Commandment for every phase of our life to direct our paths. We are without excuse, for we have much encouragement and direction from our ABBA YAHWEH. One of the great pearls that YAHWEH has brought to a much greater light recently is HIS marvelous NAME. Upon receiving the truth and wonder of that MIGHTY NAME, HE has opened so many new doors of understanding, beauty and even a closer walk with the creator of all things, ABBA YAHWEH. 

Honour, Praise, Exaltation And Thanksgiving

We give all the honour, praise, exaltation and thanksgiving to our ABBA YAHWEH for allowing us to work out our soul yeshua through fear and trembling for HIS NAME'S sake. We are in no ways worthy of the loving kindness that HE shows unto us all daily and we take it not for granted that HE is mindful of us.

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Get understanding for it shall preserve you against the deceiver in the final hour we are coming to in the sixth day.

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