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2008 Sermon Messages Preached at YAHWEH's Assembly at Victory Community

YAHWEH's Mercies To HIS Assembly

 So just take a moment in the time of eternity to read and listen.


Come Out Of Her Babylon Series   By Pastor Roberts

Contents of Sermon Message: from 10/07/2008 to 12/27/2008
  •  Come Out Of Her MY People
  • A very important series of messages which will give you the time we are in.

In Keeping The Judgments Of Yahweh There Is Great Reward 

Contents of Sermon Message: 12/10/2008

We Are To Give Toda To YAHWEH 

Contents of Sermon Message: 12/03/2008

Prepare Your Mind For The Mind Of YAHSHUA  

Contents of Sermon Message: 11/26/2008

Messianic Torah Convocation 

A series of Sermons from the Torah Convocation: 11/13/2008 - 11/15/2008

Yahweh Will Fight The Battle For Yisrael 

Contents of Sermon Message: 11/05/2008
  •   For The Battle Belongs To Yahweh

Torah Of Circumcision of Heart And True Worship Of YAHWEH 

Contents of Sermon Message: 09/13/2008

The Oar Of Yahweh Enlightening The Eyes 

Contents of Sermon Message: 09/06/2008

They That Wait Upon YAHWEH Considering Yahshua 

Contents of Sermon Message: 08/20/2008

The Pretenders  by Deacon Horne 

Contents of Sermon Message: 08/13/2008

Why The Friendship Of The World Is Enmity With Yahweh?  

Contents of Sermon Message: 08/08/2008

The Ruach Comforts Yisrael In The Truth 

Contents of Sermon Message: 08/06/2008

Effeminate Men Enemies Of YAHWEH  

Contents of Sermon Message: 08/02/2008

The Word Of YAHWEH Comforts Yisrael   

Contents of Sermon Message: 07/30/2008

Friend of The World Is A Enemy Of YAHWEH    

Contents of Sermon Message: 07/26/2008

Yisrael Needs The Comforting Of Yahweh  

Contents of Sermon Message: 07/23/2008

Yisrael (Tikvaw) Hope To Wait On YAHWEH

Contents of Sermon Message: 07/16/2008

 Distress Of Conscience Causes To Stumble

Contents of Sermon Message: 07/12/2008

The Prevailers Of YAHWEH  Deacon Horne

Contents of Sermon Message: 06/25/2008
  •   What it is to prevail, to be a prevailer of YAHWEH. What does prevail mean?

The Troubles Of Sins Against YAHWEH  

Contents of Sermon Message: 06/14/2008

Yahshua The Light Of YAHWEH Torah 

Contents of Sermon Message: 06/07/2008
  • Yahweh is My Light and My Yeshua
  • Yahweh's Commandment is Life Everlasting
  • Words That Yahshua Spoke, They Are Ruach And Life
  • Yahweh Set Life And Death Before Yisrael

Yahshua Is Life The Light Of Men 

Contents of Sermon Message: 05/31/2008

Yahshua Lives In Truth The Torah

Contents of Sermon Message: 05/24/2008

The Troubles Of Sins Against YAHWEH   

Contents of Sermon Message: 05/14/2008
  • Distress From The Approaching Judgments
  • The Most Classic Sins against YAHWEH
  • How to keep yourself from Trouble
  • This is the Snare For Us

Torah For Fringes On The Garments 

Contents of Sermon Message: 5/07/2008


A series of Sermon Messages from 4/20/08 to 4/26/08
  •   The message on the Seven Pillars of Wisdom by the men of YAHWEH

Yahshua The Way Truth And Life Series 

Contents of Sermon Message: 04/19/2008
  •   Pastor Roberts preached a series on the Life and Light Of YAHWEH

Wicked Men Control the Minds Of The World 

Contents of Sermon Message: 4/16/2008

The Ornament and The Beauty Of YAHWEH   

Contents of Sermon Message: 4/12/2008
  • Yisrael A Peculiar Possession Of YAHWEH
  • Hypocrites Which Appear Beautiful
  • The Congregation Of Hypocrites Shall Be Desolate
  • The Hypocrite Action
  • When righteous men do rejoice
  • YAHWEH will reveal your secrets and cast you down in the middle of the congregation
  • Three Things, And They Are Beautiful In The Sight Of YAHWEH
  • Judge The Leader By This

The Significant Of The Memorial Of YAHWEH  

Contents of Sermon Message: 4/09/2008

Word Of YAHWEH Is Life (pt4)

Contents of Sermon Message: 04/05/2008

 Instruction The Well Spring Of Life(pt3)

Contents of Sermon Message: 04/02/2008

 Wisdom The Tree Of Life(pt2)

Contents of Sermon Message: 03/29/2008
  • YAHWEH Set Death And Life Before Yisrael
  • Exhortations To Obedience And Emunah Faith
  • Interpretation of the Apocalypse by the Wisdom of YAHWEH
  • The Tree of Life
  • How Can Eat From The Tree Of Life
  • To Gain Wisdom - She is The Tree of Life
  • Are You Eating From The Tree Of Life?
  • The Health of YAHWEH in this Life
  • The Reason We Hate Life

The Life Of YAHWEH In YAHSHUA(pt1)   

A series of Sermon Messages from 3/26/08 to 4/05/08

Jezebel And The Easter Lie In Church   

Contents of Sermon Message: 3/22/2008
  • The Assembly At Thyatira
  • Jezebel In the Assembly That Seduce And Commits Fornication
  • Jezebel Has Raised up week men in the Church
  • The Preparation and Entry of This Jezebel Spirit Among Yisrael
  • The Zerah of this Linage
  • The Deeds of Omri
  • The Command To Moshe from YAHWEH
  • Yoram And Ahaziah Slain By Yahu
  • Whoredoms The results of this spirit
  • They Do not know YAHWEH
  • The Sins And Mishpatim Of Nineveh
  • The Power of This Witchcraft Spirit

An Unbelieving and Faithless Generation  

Contents of Sermon Message: 03/19/2008

Blinded With Oppression Because Of Our Rebellion Against YAHWEH  

Contents of Sermon Message: 03/08/2008
  • Corrupt And Blind Generation
  • Obeying The Torah Of YAHWEH
  • The True Yisraelites Of YAHWEH

Hear O Yisrael Your ABBA YAHWEH  

Contents of Sermon Message: 03/05/2008
  • The Revelation Of Torah
  • Mind Of Torah
  • Hear The Word Of YAHWEH

Hear The Voice Of YAHWEH  By Deacon Bennie  

Contents of Sermon Message: 03/01/2008
  • Warnings Against Disobedience, And Promises Of Mercy To A Remnant
  • The Cruelty Of The Princes, And The Falsehood Of The Prophets
  • Their False Security
  • The Unwise Rebuked
  • The Vindicated
  • The Benefit Of Judgment Realized

We Must Be Instructed To Walk In The Ways Of YAHWEH 

Contents of Sermon Message: 02/27/2008


The Powers That Be Established By YAHWEH   

Contents of Sermon Message: 02/23/2008
  • Bildad Reproves Iyob
  • Hypocrites Will Be Destroyed
  • Bildad Applies YAHWEH's Just Dealing To Iyob
  • Men Not To Be Judged By Outward Condition
  • Ancients Proverb, Wickedness Proceeds from the Wicked
  • YAHWEH Delivers One to the Unjust
  • Vilest Men are Exalted
  • The Prosperity Of The Wicked
  • What Portion Is Of YAHWEH From Above
  • Prayer To YAHWEH To Deliver From Enemy
  • Envy Not The Oppressor
  • Love The Brethren Not As The Wicked Cain
  • YAHWEH Shall Restore All Things

The Everlasting Message Preached to every Nation (Part 3)  

Contents of Sermon Message: 02/16/2008
  • The Everlasting Message Must Be Proclaimed To All
  • False Prophets Make YAHWEH's People Forget HIS NAME
  • The Damsel Possessed With a Spirit of Divination Brought Her Masters Much Gain by Soothsaying
  • Babylon is Fallen, America, Because She Made all Nations Drink of the Wine of the Wrath of Her Fornication
  • America Has Oppressed The Nations And YAHWEH Has Broken the Scepter of the Rulers

Come Before YAHWEH With Singing And Rejoicing

Contents of Sermon Message: 02/13/2008
  • Come Before YAHWEH With A Psalm of praise, a Joyful Noise and True Worship
  • An Exhortation How To Come Before YAHWEH
  • YAHWEH's Deliverance of Israel Through His Revealed Power
  • He Renews His Requests For Help And Comfort
  • The Determination Of Steadfastness
  • No Trust To Be Put In Worldly Things if YAHWEH is Your Yeshua
  • When The Appearances of YAHWEH is Revealed for your Escape

The Everlasting Message Declared (Part 2) 

Contents of Sermon Message: 02/09/2008
  • The Everlasting Message Preached to Them that Dwell on the Earth
  • Yahoram's Wicked Reign
  • Yahoram Punishment And His Death
  • Making Idols and the Invention of Them was the Corruption of Life
  • His is What the Sins of Fornication Brings on a Person
  • YAHSHUA'S Discourse With The Pharisees
  • When Man Rejects YAHWEH

The Everlasting Message Must Be Declared  (Part 1)

Contents of Sermon Message: 02/02/2008
  • Three Malakim; One Proclaiming The Everlasting Message; Another, The Downfall Of Babylon; And A Third, The Dreadful Wrath Of YAHWEH On The Worshippers Of The Beast.
  • Three Components of The Everlasting Message
  • Jethro's Counsel To Mosheh To Provide Able Men, Such As Fear YAHWEH
  • Teach commandments, statutes, and judgments of YAHWEH To Obedience So That you might fear HIM
  • An Exhortation To Obedience
  • An Exhortation To Obedience To YAHWEH and To Fear HIM
  • Satan Obtains Leave To Try Iyob
  • David Exhorts To Fear YAHWEH
  • By Trusting In HIM And Praising HIM In The Fear YAHWEH
  • If you will not hear and give honor to The NAME YAHWEH Then HE Will Send a Curse Upon You

The Strength Of YAHWEH's Compassion On Yisrael

Contents of Sermon Message: 01/30/2008
  • The Ruin Of The Nation
  • Secret Things Belong To YAHWEH
  • Kidushim Exhorted To Agree
  • The History Of Yisrael
  • Answers To Objections Against YAHWEH's Sovereign Conduct, In Exercising Mercy And Justice
  • YAHWEH delights in mercy will have compassion upon Yisrael
  • The Office And Duty Of A High Kohen Abundantly Answered In YAHSHUA
  • YAHSHUA is Compassionate and Heals Us Lepers
  • YAHWEH's Mercy To Them, And Even To The Nations Around
  • YAHWEH's Love To The Assembly

The Whole Duty Of Man And And Keeping The Charge of YAHWEH

Contents of Sermon Message: 01/25/2008
  • Solomon Gives A Description Of The Infirmities Of Age
  • Yitschaq, Because Of Famine, Goes To Gerar
  • The Great Work YAHWEH Wrought For Yisrael
  • Reuben And Gad, With The Half Tribe Of Manasseh, Dismissed To Their Homes
  • David's Dying Charge To Solomon
  • YAHWEH's Care Of His People; The Distinction Between The Righteous And The Wicked
  • We are unprofitable servants
  • Exhortations To Various Duties

Evil Men Seducers Deceivers Wax Worse  

Contents of Sermon Message: 0/0/2008


The Ways Of YAHWEH vs Capitalism 

Contents of Sermon Message: 01/12/2008


Who Shall Enter Into The Kingdom Of YAHWEH

Contents of Sermon Message: 01/09/2008
  • To Take Heed Of Indulging A Sinful Temper
  • And To Walk In The Spirit, And Not To Fulfill The Lusts Of The Flesh
  • The Works Of the Flesh and Ruach Are Described
  • Exhortations To Meekness, Gentleness, And Humility
  • To Kindness Towards All Men, Especially Believers
  • The Abominable Idolatries Of The Jewish Nation
  • The Idea of Making Idols was the Beginning of Fornication,
    and the Invention of them was the Corruption of Life
  • Our Whoredoms have Angered YAHWEH
  • YAHWEH will Expose Our Filthiness, Nakedness
  • Believers Are Cautioned Against False Teachers

What Is Man That YAHWEH Is Mindful Of Him  

Contents of Sermon Message: 01/05/2008


YAHWEH's Seat Of Love And the Ahavah of YHWH   

Contents of Sermon Message: 01/02/2008
  • The House of Yisrael Has Committed Whoredom
  • Discover The Tenets of  YHWH's Love
  • Relationship With The Canaanites Forbidden
  • And this is the blessing, wherewith Mosheh the man of YHWH blessed the children of Yisrael
  • MessiYah's Commendation Of The Assembly, Her Esteem For HIM
  • The Kind of Love We call Love

18 ΒΆ And therefore will YAHWEH wait, that HE may show show favor to you, and therefore will HE be exalted, that HE may have mercy upon you: for YAHWEH is a Sovereign Ruler of judgment: blessed are all they that wait for HIM.
19 For the people shall dwell in Zion at Yerusalem: you shall weep no more: HE will be very favorable to you at the voice of your cry; when HE shall hear it, HE will answer you.
20 And though Sovereign YAHWEH give you the bread of adversity, and the water of affliction, yet shall your teachers not be removed into a corner anymore, but your eyes shall see your teachers:
21 And your ears shall hear a word behind you, saying, This is the way, walk you in it, when you turn to the right hand, and when you turn to the left.
22 You shall defile also the covering of your graven images of silver, and the ornament of your molten images of gold: you shall cast them away as a menstruous cloth; you shall say to it, Get you hence.
23 Then shall HE give the rain of your seed, that you shall sow the ground withal; and bread of the increase of the earth, and it shall be fat and plenteous: in that day shall your cattle feed in large pastures.  YESHAYAH - ISAIAH 30:18-23

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