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The Words Mosheh Spoke To Yisrael In The Plains Of Moab

1 The Promise Of Canaan
2 The Edomites To Be Spared
3 The Conquest Of Og King Of Bashan
4 Earnest Exhortations To Obedience, And Dissuasives From Idolatry
5 The Covenant In Horeb
6 A Persuasive To Obedience
7 Intercourse With The Canaanites Forbidden
8 Exhortations And Cautions, Enforced By YAHWEH's Former Dealings With Yisrael, And His Promises
9 The Yisraelites Not To Think Their Success Came By Their Own Worthiness
10 YAHWEH's Mercies To Yisrael After Their Rebellion
11 The Great Work YAHWEH Wrought For Yisrael 
12 Monuments Of Idolatry To Be Destroyed 
13 Enticers To Idolatry To Be Put To Death 
14 The Yisraelites To Distinguish Themselves From Other Nations 
15 The Year Of Release
16 The Yearly Feasts 
17 All Offerings To Be Perfect, Idolaters Must Be Slain
18 A Provision Respecting Levites
19 The Cities Of Refuge, The Man-Slayer, The Murderer
20 Exhortation And Proclamation Respecting Those Who Went To War
21 The Expiation Of Uncertain Murder
22 Of Humanity Towards Brethren 
23 Who Are Shut Out From The Congregation
24 Of Divorce
25 Extent Of Punishment
26 Confession In Offering The First-Fruits
27 The Torah To Be Written On Stones In The Promised Land 
28 The Blessings For Obedience
29 Mosheh Calls Yisrael's Mercies To Remembrance
30 Mercies Promised To The Repentant
31 Mosheh Encourages The People, And Yahshua 
32 The Song Of Mosheh 
33 The Wonderful Splendour Of YAHWEH
34 Mosheh Views The Promised Land From Mount Nebo

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