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Shamash (Deacon) Jermaine Horne Ordination

Deacon Jermaine Horne was ordained on the 11/25/2006 by YAHWEH through the Pastor Roberts, Elders and brothers.

 The Beginning Of Ordination - Warnings of Ordainment - Part 1 in photos 

 Honest Report of Deacon Horne - Part 2 In Photos 

 Final Ordination Process - Part 3 In Photos 

 Fellowship around the Fellowship Fire - In Photos

The Video of the Ordination - Low Quality 56K

The Video of the Ordination - DSL

Shaesh Jermaine HorneThe Order Of the Ordination Services

1.    The Shofar Blast To Began
       "The Ordination Ceremony"

2.   "Prayer"
       by Pastor Roberts

3.   "Cum By Yah"
       Sung by The "Tshuwah Children Singers"


4.  "The Reading of the TORAH"
      Reading done by Deacon Honeycutt

5.  "The Passion of YHWH"
       Played by Brother Patrick

6.  Exhortation of the Nawbee (Prophet) To Wise
     Reading done by Brother Dale Rainey.
     "A Warning To The Young Man To Guard The Character of YHWH"

7.   A Classical Piece "The Beauty of YHWH"
      Played by  Brother Patrick, Brother Randy and Brother Eldon.

8.  "The Appointment Of True Shamashim (Deacons)."
      The Reading of The Covenant of The Re-Newed Tikvah (Hope)
      of The True Seed of Yisrael.
      by Deacon Honeycutt

9.   "Blessed Be YAHWEH"
       Sung by Sister Jean


10.  The Honest Report of Deacon Horne.
      By Brother Dalphus

11.  The Qualifications as Defined in Certain Text of SCRIPTURE.
       "Deacons And Their Wives"
       by Brother Patrick.

12.  "Witness of The Character Truth of This Deacon Horne."
       by Brother David Lee

13.  "Bless YAHWEH O My Soul"
       Sung by Sister Ebony.


14.  "The Deacons must be Grave"
        by Deacon Tim.

15.  "Be Wise All You Young Men"
        Poem written and read by Sister Horne.


16.  "The Lighting of the Menorah Candles"
       by brother Dale.

17.  "Who is Like YAHWEH"

18.  "The Ordination Process"
        By Pastor Roberts Assisted By Deacons and Elder Brothers

19.   "YAHWEH Is My Shepherd"

20.  "Address By the new Deacon"
         Deacon Jermaine Horne.

21.   "Brother Patrick To His Elder Brother Deacon Jermaine"
         By Brother Patrick.

22.    Elder Martin with a "Word Of Warning".

23.    Closing Congregational Song "My Soul Follows Hard After Thee".


24.    The Ordination Feast.

25.    Fellowship Around the fire.


by faith and it will be opened unto you.