The Books Of Scripture With YAHWEH's Name

The Books Of The Scripture

We are currently working on this and will add them as we finish working on restoring.

The Book Of Enoch with YAHWEH's Name Restored

The book of Enoch is quoted in the Scriptures and referred to. We have restored YAHWEH's Name in it and updated it to modern grammar which helps to understand and read clearer. As we restored the Name the text came alive and real to us here at YAHWEH's Sword. This has happened to all the books we have restored the Name Of YAHWEH in.

The Book Of Jubilees With YAHWEH's Name Restored

The book of Jubilees give a clearer understanding of the Torah and the history from the beginning to the time the crossing over the river Yarden into Yisrael.

The Book of YASHER or Jasher With YAHWEH's Name Restored

The book of Yasher is also written from the beginning of time to the end of Yahushua Ben Nun. This book fills in greater detail of this period of time from the beginning, of all the patriarchs and Yisrael.

First & Second Books Of Baruch The Scribe With YAHWEH's Name Restored

Baruch was YeremYah's (Jeremiah) scribe at the time of the destruction of Jerusalem.  Then YermeYah called Baruch the son of Neriyah: and Baruch wrote from the mouth of YermeYah all the Word of YAHWEH, which he had spoken to him, upon a scroll of a book.

The Fourth Book Of Ezra - Esdras

Ezra is the scribe that bring the Jews out of Babylon. In this book he seeks YAHWEH with all his heart as to the outcome of this world and YAHWEH shows some of the final events to take place. It is a book that gives one a lot more understanding of events and the condition of the heart.


Scripture History Through the Ages

MP3 Sacred Name Scriptures reading By Paul Johnson

MP3 Sacred Name Scriptures reading of a large part of them done by Paul Johnson. Work is still in progress and will be made available as soon as possible. Please pray for Paul so that he is able to complete them. You can download all the audio file from here.


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