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 YAHWEH's Feast Of Unleavened Bread in 2007
YAHSHUA The Bread Of Life

Sermon Messages Preached for Pesach Passover with the 2007 Feast Of Unleavened Bread

Order of this 2007 Passover Feast

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The Old Leaven of Malice and Wickedness  Brother Alan

Contents of Sermon Message:
  • Beware Of The Leaven Of The Pharisees
  • True Ahavah
  • Partaking Of The Passover>

Importance Of Pesach And The Feast Unleaven   Pastor Roberts

Contents of Sermon Message:
  • The Convocation (Miqra') Of Almighty YAHWEH
  • The Perfect Lamb
  • The Feast of Unleaven
  • YAHSHUA Kept Pesach
  • YAHSHUA The Passover Lamb>

Pesach Seder Passover with True Communion  Pastor Roberts 

Contents of Sermon Message:
  • The Beginning Of The Year Revealed By YAHWEH, The Passover Instituted
  • The People Instructed How To Observe The Pesach
  • The Death Of The First-Born Of The Egyptians
  • The Yisraelites' First Journey To Succoth
  • Ordinance Respecting The Pesach
  • The First-Born Sanctified To YAHWEH
  • The Firstlings Of Beasts Set Apart
  • YAHWEH Guides The Yisraelites By A Pillar Of Cloud Fire
  • YAHWEH Instructs Mosheh, The Cloud Between The Yisraelites And The Mitzrayim
  • The Yisraelites Pass Through The Red Sea
  • The Song Of Mosheh For The Deliverance Of Yisrael
  • YAHSHUA Anointed In The House Of The Pharisee
  • YAHSHUA Comforts His Disciples Before Passover
  • YAHSHUA Further Comforts His Disciples Preparing Them

YAHSHUA the Bread Of Life in The Wilderness Deacon Horne 

Contents of Sermon Message:
  • The Living Bread YAHSHUA
  • Partake and Hear
  • The Leaven Of  Flesh

Yisrael Delivered In The Wilderness    Deacon Bennie  

Contents of Sermon Message:
  • Rejoicing For The Passover
  • The Murmuring Of The Yisraelites
  • YAHWEH Leads The Yisraelites
  • The Evil Report Of The Enemy

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The True Ahavah Love Of YAHWEH   Brother Dale 

Contents of Sermon Message:
  • Where Are The True Men That Loves YAHWEH?
  • True Followers Of YAHWEH

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